Willow Street Car Crash Shooting Photos

Returning from the airport tonight at around 2am, I snapped a few photos of the scene of the New Year’s Eve shooting on Willow and Clark Street. Police were on hand gathering evidence.

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  • AEB

    For an upscale hamlet, BH sure has its share of (sudden) violence.

  • EHinBH

    what was this? A random shooting of a gypsy cab driver? They need to be outlawed in my opinion – not given more rights… They bring trouble wherever they go. I also wish we could close down Heights Car on Henry. Their shack looks like crap and their cars take up valuable parking spaces.

  • x

    Unfortunately, livery cabs is the only way my wife can get back home in time from working late nights.

    BTW, what happened to those BH weekly Crime updates that the blog used to do?