DEVELOPING: Shooting Victim on Willow Street

NYPD is operating on Willow St. near Clark St., where a vehicle has crashed on the sidewalk. An occupant of the vehicle was found to have been shot, with a suspect fleeing toward the Promenade. Officers have a suspect in custody on Columbia Heights.

UPDATE: The victim was shot once to the neck, and is being transported to Lutheran Medical Center.

1/1/12 UPDATE: The victim, 43, is listed in stable condition at LMC. The suspect, 19, is in custody with charges pending.

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  • tb

    Why aren’t they going to LICH? Isn’t that central booking east?

  • tb

    ok.. suny downstate central booking…

  • weegee

    LMC is a level one trauma center…better option in this case. The wound is reportedly not life-threatening. There have been times where the situation has warranted “ANY hospital. NOW” in the vicinity, and those cases will be taken to LICH, but when you have the slight luxury of choice, they go for the trauma-equipped facility.

  • Monty

    Yikes. I’m half a block away and had my window open all night and didn’t hear it.

  • epc

    Events like this would never happen if we had a proper bubble over an aquatics center on Pier 4.

  • Teresa

    Just ran into BHB’s finest Karl Junkerfeld, man on the scene with a video camera, checking everything out. I presume he’ll post the full report here. Happy new year, everyone —

  • Willowwillow

    Just saw this…… I live at 135… totally freaked out. and feel terrible for the person who was shot. I hope the preps get found. horrible way to start the year.

  • Llamamomma

    I hope they get the preps with their popped collars and khakis!

  • bkday6

    Lamamama- way to use a children’s book as your alias while making a less than mature comment. Let’s be real these “perps” weren’t from around here. Have a nice new year.

  • Master Of Middagh

    @bkday6- And how was YOUR comment mature at all? A “mature” person would have said nothing in response. His joke about those destructive preps was funny- let’s not start out the new year as a stick in the mud. I hope you’ve made a new year resolution to remove the telephone pole from your backside…

  • Willowwillow

    I think but i’m not sure that bkday was trying to say that this was not a matter to make a joke of. I live on willow street and can still see the blood. it’s really such a shame for something like this to of happened. I hope everyone else had a safe new years.

  • bkday6

    I really was just trying to say it wasn’t funny. didn’t want to start with anyone… but after witnessing it I felt shaken and thought it was a less than appropriate comment to make a joke out it. as for taking the telephone poll out of my backside, if you meet me at starbucks around 3 you can help me… I heard those things are hard to remove.

  • Master Of Middagh

    While I agree that anyone suffering an injury is not funny (never been much for slapstick), the line about the criminal preppies was a farce based on a typo and had nothing to do with people being hurt. And a Starbucks is the last place you’ll ever see me- too many telephone poles in there… ;)

  • X

    What time exactly did this happen?

  • bkday6

    master of middagh- I have to agree with you on that one ! haha.

    x- I believe around 10 something? there were still police and the car out on sidewalk around 1 am

  • bornhere

    Someone who works for the Daily News called me right after this happened, just before 10:30 PM.
    The good news is that the injury was not life threatening, and the other person was caught (we still don’t know if the guy taken into custody was the actual shooter).
    And I thought Llamamomma’s riff on the perp-prep typo was clear … and funny.
    Karl’s video is very revealing; from the looks of the aftermath, this must have been a very loud event.

  • bkday6

    haha, I didn’t even realize I wrote “prep” not “perp” damn iphone.

  • bkday6

    Now I DO APOLOGIZE for the ” stick up my backside”. I blame technology for this.

  • http://j lori

    This affected two houses. Not only were the railings on both stoops
    knocked over, but at 108 the whole foundation of the steps going to the basement was dislodged. Does anyone know exactly what time this occurred?

  • Gerry

    @ epc yes we need an aquatics center on pier 4 but this is not the place for that conversation.

    I am shocked that a person would be shot on Willow Street does anyone know what motivated this?

  • Peter

    Damn bike lanes!

  • WillowtownCop

    I know nothing about what happened but I would guess some scumbag kid robbed a cab driver – from what type of car, the injury, etc.

  • Knight

    @WillowtownCop: I had the same thought when I saw the car, but I think someone would have mentioned if it had TLC plates on it … especially Karl, who isn’t known to miss details like that.

  • GHB

    I asked one of the cops at around 1:00 that morning, and he said a livery cab driver had been shot

  • willowstneigh

    I am glad that the driver is in stable condition and the suspect is in custody.

  • greatgazoo

    Not to be too much of a stickler, but Pier 4 has “slept with the fishes” for several years now. I believe the brouhaha is over a Bubble for Pier 5. Although come to think of it, not sure why I care, since I’m only contributing to the irrelevant and irreverent snarkiness in this thread when we should be writing about the shooting, which does sound scary and sad. Let me be the first to say, shame on me …

  • lori

    Today’s NYPost has more info on that shooting/car crash NYE. It was a passenger who shot a livery cab driver on arriving at 108 Willow Street, when the passenger said he had no money, pulled a revolver and shot the driver in the trachea. Gunman was caught and claimed it was an “accidental shooting”. Question: why was the gunman arriving at 108 Willow Street?

  • Jhon

    So who was the criminal, do we know if he was lockup or something? we have to stop crimes in this area.