Open Thread: Brooklyn Heights Prognostications for 2012

What are your predictions for Brooklyn Heights (and beyond) for 2012? Comment away!

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  • Josh G

    There won’t be any shootings on Clark St….. oh wait.. never mind

  • AEB

    Every restaurant in Brooklyn Heights will close at least once.

  • epc

    The BQE cantilever will suffer a catastrophic infrastructure fault.

    A water main will break.

    Residents will continue to ask for a “cheap” restaurant, meanwhile the boards of their co-ops and condos and other landlords will demand rents that only an expensive restaurant can afford.

    A sinkhole will develop on the Clark St walkway to the Promenade.

    The new bridge between Squibb Park and Pier 1 will be ever so slightly too low for truck traffic on Furman St due to misunderstand of the term “clearance”.

    Vanessa and Stephen will move out from One Brooklyn Bridge.

    In the distance a dog will bark, a cat will prowl, and Karl J will make an excellent video tying everything together.

  • Jorale-man

    In no particular order…

    Pier 5 construction will get underway but the fall opening will be delayed until early 2013.

    The Key Foods on Montague will get a top-to-bottom renovation, much to the astonishment of BHB commenters.

    The creepy abandoned brownstone on Columbia Heights will continue its slow decay, with a piece of the facade falling off.

    The escalators in the Borough Hall subway station will stop working indefinitely. Those at High Street will follow suit.

    Vanessa and Stephen will star in a new ad for BBP before moving out.

  • Eddyenergizer

    epc, “landlords will demand rents that only an expensive restaurant can afford” That is a common misconception. Often, lower cost restaurants make much higher profits than expensive ones. The volume of sales, operating and food costs are the main factors. Fine dining is one of the hardest businesses to succeed in, its either a big hit or a big flop, there is not much room for error. However, lower end dining establishments have wider range of acceptability, are easier to run, have higher profit margins and sales volume. I’ll bet you Five Guys makes more profit than Armando’s…

  • Montague St. Neighbor

    new gravel in the pier 6 dog park?

  • EHinBH

    1. A new nail salon will open on Monty;

    2. One of the empty JW dorms will be taken over by NYC to house homeless people;

    3. Clark Street 2/3 station will be nominated by MTA for a complete re-do;

    4. The empty stores on Henry will be leased to BH artists for cheap to use as a gallery;

    5. NYC will institute a cap on what it costs to park a car in a crummy Bklyn lot!

  • Gerry

    I suspect that the idea of a state of the art aquatics center in BBP or another location in downtown Brooklyn will go nowhere.

    “Swimming is a healer for the body and the mind”

    And it looks like I will continue to swim at Asphalt Green in Manhattan

  • Still here

    Juliana’s (Patsy Grimaldi’s new restaurant) will win the pizza wars with Grimaldi’s (at one Front) with Ignazio’s playing Yojimbo and becoming a fierce competitor.

    Fascati’s shall move into Pete’s Downtown space.

    Old Fulton street shall be renamed ‘Old Pizza Way’.

    There will be a temporary pool in the park this summer, plus an athletic field, but no tennis bubble.

  • epc

    I own equity in one or more restaurants in the area so I’m obviously biased, but from what I’ve seen/read/experienced, there is a severe disconnect between what landlords think they can get for a classic restaurant space, and what the neighborhood expects to be in such spaces.

    True, a place which serves “cheap” dishes can profit on volume, but that all but dictates focussing on the lunchtime crowd, and if you’re not in a space convenient to the courts & Court Street, you’re not going to get that volume.

  • David on Middagh

    1. Judy Stanton will be caught on camera with a hair out of place.

    2. The no-questions-asked reward for a certain long-missing cat will attain five figures.

    3. Homer Fink will garner increasing success and prestige, and change his *nom de blog* to Hömeur Phinque.