Christmas Tree collection begins Tuesday; Mulchfest is next weekend.

New Year’s Day is still two days off, but discarded Christmas trees are already making their appearance on Brooklyn Heights sidewalks. The Department of Sanitation is asking people to hold off until Tuesday, January 3rd, when curbside tree collection will begin, continuing through Saturday, January 14th. As an alternative you can lug your tree down to Cobble Hill Park next Saturday and Sunday (10 AM to 2 PM) for MulchFest, the Sanitation Department’s annual program where trees will be ground up on site, and you can walk home with a bag of mulch for your garden. In both cases, remember to reeve all tinsel and ornaments from the tree before discarding or mulching.

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  • Curmudgeon

    Well, in all my decades in the Heights I have never seen people throwing their trees in or next litter baskets. Today two appeared before 6AM near the Heights Theater and are left there still. I guess the D.O.S won’t pick them up until the 3rd and who knows how many will be there by then? What gives? And calling 311 is useless. Give me the days when we could call the BKN (Brooklyn-North) Sanitation Supervisor directly and get results!

    Also, more and more litter baskets keep disappearing from the North Heights – the latest across orange from the Heights Theater. What’s going on here, where are they going and how do we get them back? Henry Street here IS a commercial street. Don’t we pay our taxes here?

  • Knight

    They turn Christmas trees into mulch? I always thought they made gin out of them. To me, gin tastes like melted Christmas trees!

  • Andrew Porter

    As I wrote to Homer last week, someone on Pineapple actually threw out their tree, lights still entwined, the day *before* Christmas. Weird.

  • http://j lori

    The Heights has always had people throw their trees out Christmas Eve – if the family is going away Christmas week, they don’t want to leave their trees in the house – smart move. But, leaving the lights on? that’s real laziness.

  • Eddyenergizer

    Knight, Gin’s taste comes from Juniper Berries, but it does make any day feel just like Christmas!