Steamy Scorscese Scene Shot in Nabe Townhouse


iVillage:Daily Blabber: Leo DiCaprio Had Sex in Our Living Room: Imagine watching a steamy sex scene on the big screen — Leonardo DiCaprio is seducing Vera Farmiga in her character’s apartment — but the only thing you can focus on is… your microwave.

That happened to two people that I know, Adam and Leah, whose garden-level brownstone apartment in Brooklyn Heights, NY was used as a set in the new flick, The Departed. The character Madolyn — a police shrink, who dated Matt Damon’s character but also slept with Leo’s — lived in their digs… and that’s where the movie’s steamiest scene took place.

Anyone know exact location?

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  • TN

    Trivia: Martin Scorsese wanted to shoot the film in Boston, where the story is set. But due to concerns on setting up production and politics, the producers chose New York City to double for Boston because of the state’s 15% tax credit. The bulk of the movie was shot in New York City while a six week shooting schedule was split in two for Boston, shooting the first half in June and the second half in August. (from

  • Peter

    The exact location is the garden apartment in the massive brownstone on the southwest corner of Remsen and Hicks.

    I live on Grace Court Alley and remember seeing the typical “no parking — film shoot” notices but I also saw atypical lengthy letters from the production company thanking the neighborhood for their cooperation — explaining the stars in the movie and the director. I guess they thought the big names would buy additional cooperation.

    Anyway, I saw all the massive rain machines so I figured they’d be shooting a 20 minute scene. Imagine my surprise when they outdoor segment is about 2 seconds long — I can’t believe they brought in rain machines for that!