ForgottenNY’s “Rejected” Heights Photo

, one of BHB's favorite sites on the web, has recently released a book of photos.  A few did not make the collection and are featured today at  One of those photos is of a subway lamp on Montague Street at Court Street Station. (pictured above)

ForgottenNY writes: MONTAGUE STREET at Clinton Street, Brooklyn Heights. These octagonal-shaped station entrance luminaires were developed by the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company (the BRT – predecessor of the BMT) and placed along the 4th Avenue Brooklyn line in 1916 when the line was opened. This is one of a pair that has been lovingly restored and put back to its original location at the Court Street station.

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  • john varre

    i like your site and told friends about it. one question though, are the glenwood projects still around? located between e. 56th and ralph near south shore h.s.

    thanks johnny