Karl’s Brooklyn Heights Christmas Card

Your correspondent got home too late to see the Christmas tree lighting (or, actually, re-lighting) ceremonies yesterday. Fortunately, Mr. J. was there with cam to record the event. His video begins with some other Heights scenes. Enjoy! (Video after the jump.)

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  • here

    Just as long as good ol’ Karl isn’t pointing that camera into OUR window.

  • AEB

    Lovely, Karl, thanks! And feel free to point you camera at my window anytime. I’ve trimmed the humidifier, and my cats may just put in an appearance. If you look edible.

  • http://j lois

    Thanks, Karl.

  • M on Willow

    Very nice … ;)

  • Andrew Porter

    Gorgeous videography that captures how those who celebrate this season decorate their houses. And then there’s the tree lighting through the eyes of little tykes. Another masterpiece. Martin Scorsese, eat your heart out!

  • Ginny

    Lovely. Nice looking Santa.

  • tb

    That was a bad santa this year. what a curmudgeon.