Oven Turned Off, Gas Leak Stopped at 151 Remsen

From the BHB Inbox comes this dispatch from Greg Rutter:

Just a heads up that the apartments of 151 Remsen street were evacuated last night because of a gas leak. It all happened around 3:00 AM and had all the residents out of the building for about 15 minutes. At first it was rumored to be a main break and that it might take all night (or longer) to repair. They were let back in when they realized that the leak was caused by Cafe Masala’s oven’s being left on. The firefighters simply turned off the oven and everyone went back to sleep.

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  • Annette

    I used to live in that building, 8/96 – 2/02, before I bought a place on Montague. It’s above a restaurant, and we had a few scares, like workers leaving rags on hot waffle makers and other small kitchen fires. I had the life scared out of me a few times, coming home to see fire trucks outside and fearing for my two dogs’ safety.

    It’s a 5 story building (counting the store front) and there’s only ONE way out – the stairs. There are no fire escapes on the front or back of the building, which I always thought was illegal, and the roof connects only to one other building, the title search one to it’s left (if you’re facing the building from the street).

    I liked the apartment and had a GREAT rent, but I was very revlieved to get out of there…it was very stressfull worrying about my dogs and how I’d get them out in the event of an emergency.

    Wow…so long as everyone’s okay, human and animal, that’s all that matters.

  • interested person

    This building has no heat most of thewinter and whenthere is heat it is only in the 50s inside. There has been times where there has been no hot water causing Cafe Masala to finally leave. The other day there was a health inspector there who found lots of problems. Check it out before thinking of movingin.

  • need help

    Anyone know who the landlord is here. Need to get in contact with them. We had equipment in cafe masala and marshall offers no help now

    thanks in advance