Tutt Cafe Reno Irks Neighbors

There’s already one complaint on file with the NYC Department of Buildings about after hours work at 47 Hicks Street, home of Tutt Cafe. And that doesn’t include BHB readers gripes about the new giant pizza sign in front of the eatery, ostensibly part of its current renovations.

North Heights resident Andrew Porter observes, “Walked by on Tuesday, and they’d erected a large, green external sign; strictly illegal. Talked to possibly owner, or guy in charge of the construction, about how Tutt is in a landmarked area. They were working on the outside of the building, on the entryway into the door. No permits, not even from DOB. Owner of brownstone next door came out, agreed with me in passing that permits are required. I am working with the BHA on this.”

Commenter AEB adds, “I can attest to the fact that the new northerly sign is in fact new, not a redo of an existing one.”

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  • David on Middagh

    I would point out to stoptalking that this particular blog post results from a reader tip. Stoptalking is as free as any of us to click the tip link at upper left, to report on any positive or negative development in the neighborhood.

  • AEB

    I second that emotion, David. The issue isn’t renovation per se, but one aspect of it.

    Also–as I believe I’ve said before–this blog is about expressing opinion. Often, that means venting and/or dishing. Complaining. Usually a sane consensus emerges.

    People who want to read only happy news and uplift can go to…well, where can they go? Maybe I’d better not answer that.

  • David on Middagh
  • David on Middagh

    Just for stoptalking: http://tinyurl.com/6lklcjd

  • AEB
  • Amanda

    They really are nice people and have good food, too. I went to a few belly dance events there and had lots of fun.

    Sometimes people just don’t figure everything out. Store owners will order thru a supplier and request certain components for their businesses, pay good money and get them installed, assuming it’s all for the sake of staying in business.

    They may be good at food and not decorators and that’s just life, we’re not all good at the same things. But, when things are explained nicely to people, they’ll usually “get it” and adjust the problems.

    What it boils down to is they *spent* their budget for that feature and consider it a “liability” if they have to chuck it and get something else.

    There are two choices, people can offer to get them another sign, someone in the graphic arts can offer one, or they can just declare the additions out of regulations for Landmark Districts and the owners have to figure that one out.

    There are always going to be some sorts of loopholes when doing business with the world. Some people are not going to be ok with some things, and that’s ok. It’s life!

  • BH’er

    Has anyone (particularly the neighbors that suffer the actual eye sores) ever approached the owners to ask why they spend money on the signs and awnings they have?

    There could be a reason they think it’s necessary, but, (while unlikely) they may not read this blog thread to know it is causing such pains to their neighbors.

    Given the location, they certainly don’t need giants signs and Times Square light schemes to draw a crowd. Perhaps there is an option that would suit the neighbors and the business?

    Vent all you want, but I’m much more interested in reading the he-said, she-said of what John said when Susie asked him to take down his sign…

    Then Homer would really have some internet traffic!

  • Y

    There are many more eyesores on that block then just that sign. If the direct neighbors think that sign is an eyesore some of them should start working on their houses.

  • Cranberry Beret

    Geez everyone’s a critic. Eyesores on that block? Not every house will make it to the cover of Architectural Digest but I’d hardly call them eyesores.

  • Andrew Porter

    I am Reliably Informed that Landmarks has cited Tutt previously for their sign, ad they disregarded that. A suggestion was made that those who regularly patronize the place (I’m not one of them) should have a little talk with the owners about construction codes, inspectors, etc., in the interest of lessening their financial woes.

    I liked the place better when it was a grocery store, but that was last century…

  • AEB

    So, Andrew, if he sign is a violation, how or he applies the necessary muscle?

  • AEB

    …how is the necessary muscle applied/who does it? Sorry, no coffee yet.