Trucks Troubling You? Come to 84th Precinct Community Council Meeting Tuesday

D.I. Mark DiPaolo, 84th Precinct Commander, sends us word that the 84th Precinct Community Council will meet this Tuesday evening, November 15, starting at 7:00, at the Baptist Temple, 360 Schermerhorn Street, between Third Avenue and Nevins Street. The featured event will be a report by the Truck Enforcement Unit. Also on the agenda are a Transit Police report, a precinct crime report, presentation of the Cop of the Month Award, and a question and answer period. All are welcome, and refreshments will be served.

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  • Mari Cossaboom

    Sadly, i cannot make the meeting, but I truly hope that someone will also bring up the intrusion of commercial buses into the historic district. Many tour buses continue to drive into the heights contrary to DOT regulations and I have seen many instances of buses parked for long periods of time taking up precious spaces that should be available to residents and other cars.

  • Bornhere

    It’s encouraging to learn that there is something called the “Truck Enforcement Unit.” I wonder what the unit does and where it does it!

    Seven words: Late-night truck traffic on Henry Street.

    I wish these sorts of community meetings (and get-togethers at Vineapple) could be scheduled for a weekend — maybe more neighbors would attend.