Open Thread Wednesday 11/9/11

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  • Tclinton11201

    Stephen and Vanessa?
    One Brooklyn Bridge commercial running on local news channel

    a youngish hippish couple moving in the renovated building on Furman. pretty funny and a good caricature

  • confused


    Guess what I saw swimming in the waters by pier 6 yesterday?

    Big brown Frogs!!! Crazy!! How can frogs survive in brackish waters? I thought it was a turd, but about a dozen of them came swimming out from under the piers…

  • Still here

    Nor I, but I have seen a frog with peers.

  • David on Middagh

    Confused, that’s great! I love frogs. Pier 6, you say?

  • Eddyenergizer

    Um… you sure thy were frogs and not river rats?

  • Confused

    Yes pier 6…..

    maybe vanessa and stephen had to many frogs legs and let the rest go free!!

    Seriously… though this 100% true. I’m just like scratching my head over this. I think they were probably “wood frogs.” If you read their habit description, they live in wetland areas.
    Maybe they came across from Jersey.

    I just don’t understand how they can survive the salt water. I’ve seen people reel in blue fish and black fish off of pier 6 …. but frogs?

    Goes to show you how clean the water is and just a few weeks ago it was mud brown and covered with branches from irene.

  • Western Brooklyn

    Just heard La Traviata at 139 Montague St is going out of business. Tonight is to be their last night. Just phoned them & they confirmed it. Scuttlebutt is the owner just didn’t want to continue running the restaurant.

  • Eddyenergizer

    Good riddance La Traviata… No loss there.

  • Confused

    La Traviata closing?…. nooooooo.

    Their stuff was pretty good and unpretentious. I guess Queens will see me more often now.

  • PJL

    Too bad… always reasonable/reliable delivery….

  • Jorale-man

    Speaking of wild animals, has anyone noticed the skunk smell down on the pathway between Piers 1 and 6? It’s been there a few times in the last couple of weeks. Not sure if there’s a Stephen and Vanessa connection…

  • Sad Neighbor

    I think it’s time to change the commercial for One Brooklyn Park. Stephen and Vanessa are two annoying pretencious yuppies who I do not want to live next store to. Maybe a new, friendlier commerical may attract more neighbors. The “tom tom” music in the background is irritating and they run the commercials way too much. Guess they aren’t doing too well. … Hopefully all this new real estate (on Montague, Love Lane, One bklyn park…will start attracting residents). The rennovated bank building on Montague and Clinton was supposed to be a co-op but wasn’t selling so they changed it to high rate rentals.
    Let’s hope something transpires or our real estate taxes will raise to the roof.

  • Clarky

    Did anyone notice that NYC Sliders opened today in the Clark St subway station? They handed me their menu and it has typos all over it, i.e. “sandwhiches” and “platers.” I don’t have high hopes… Is it that hard to get someone to proofread? Boggles my mind.

  • Ari

    Regarding Montague Street bagels – Before jumping to such dramatic conclusions and making cynical comments, I would like to comment that the new owners have done at least one thing right:

    They have brought back and rehired Selwin – the baker/manager of the bagel store for the past 10+ since the recent change of ownership. If you only heard the reason why the let him go in the first place…that’s a whole other story.

    Anyway, in catching up with Selwin, he did mention that one of his top priorities was getting the store to brought up to an A rating. (As it would have been under the previous regime).

    Maybe his hard work, dedication and a re-inspection are the real reasons the bagel store is now sporting an A. (And the site isn’t up to date….).

  • Confused

    I don’t think this area needs anymore new residents, it’s crowd enough! For the past decade these dingleberry zombies “Stephen and Vanessa” types have ruined this place.

    Hipsters, smartphones, dog poop+pee, bicycles lanes, stroller brigade crowd, group think…. etc

    oh and God Bless America!

  • Sad Neighbor

    What ever happened to “keep NY clean”!!!! My friend owns a dog and often walks for blocks before she can find a city trashcan to throw out her dog’s poop… it seems that the city is removing them…there used to be at least one on a corner (if there are 4 corners in an intersection)….we have walked for at least 2 or 3 blocks (especially in the North Hgts) before we find one… Not excusing those that leave their poop on the street but come on city…provide more city trashcans!

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    I wish Selwin well at Montague Street Bagels.
    No one wants to be cynical but a C rating means that an establishment just doesn’t give a darn about it’s customers.
    The government website is up to date because the A rating was given on October 25, 2011 which was just three weeks ago.
    I hope they keep up the good work and get their customers back because I, for one, will not enter any establishment with a C rating.

  • AmyinBH

    Confused, Your list sums it up well. I just wish some of the BH residents would wake up and realize that they don’t live here alone. They aren’t the most imporatant person in the world. And, I don’t turn invisible/disappear when they walk into me or force me off the sidewalk with their stroller/dog on a 30 foot lead/group of people taking up the whole sidewalk, etc.

    I did notice last night an unusual lack of poo on the sidewalks. It was nice.

  • JustANeighbor

    What’s up with these construction guys on Hicks near Clark blasting their radios on top of their construction? I can hear the from a block away!

  • imtelling u

    “However, I have to say that I am extremely horrified by the dozens of nannies that I see in the neighborhood daily and their incessant talking on cell phones while neglecting the children in their care. Am I the only one who feels this way? I have yet to see a nanny actually paying attention to a child, but rather talking on the phone constantly. Whether it’s in a store, crossing the street, or sitting on a bench – they are always on the phone”

    as a babysitter ( i’m a student who babysits while i’m not in school) I was told by the mother ” it;s fine if your on the phone and strolling”. Also the people who are making a phone call on a bench are the people who finally had a moment to sit down. You cannot tell me that when you have a child you’ll never use your cell phone while their in your care>? I think you are overreacting. and making assumptions. Babysitting someone’s child is a lot of work ! and we all do the best we can. and let me also add… half the time ( or at least in my case) it’s the mother of the child calling or texting you.

  • harumph

    @imtelling u
    give me a break. As a partial stay-at-home parent and with some bad nanny experience of my own under my belt, I feel rather justified in saying that many MANY nannies on the benches, on their phone or gossiping, not watching the kids are not just taking a breather. That is their norm. I think it is great that you are the exception, but as I mentioned in my earlier post, I find younger babysitters, like yourself, have more energy and spend more quality time with the kids.

  • mlo

    Greed & Ugliness on Exhibit (again) at Brooklyn Museum.

    Should I be looking forward to the new exhibit of crucified Jesus with ants skittering all over his body? — because the Virgin Mary made out of shit and images of female genitalia just wasn’t enough for me? Still I can hope and dream for a Spring exhibit of Hitler surrounded by neon flickering hearts and lovely spring blossoms to envoke perhaps the notion that after all someone must have loved him sometime. Then we can usher in Summer with an interactive of life like statues of bloody, beaten slaves working the fields and folks can show up and piss on them. Yes! we’ll call it Piss on Slavery.

    Yes, freedom of expression….freedom of speech. There you go.

  • bornhere

    I know “times have changed,” but when I was a babysitter, all energy was focused on .. the baby. Of course, we didn’t have cell phones and oodles of distractions, but “taking a break” or spending time on the phone just didn’t happen. And it was amazing how well the parents and babysitter fared without incessant texting, calling, and “reaching out” because “the moment” simply wasn’t enough. I also find it interesting that “the mother of the child” is contacting the babysitter so much. Other than “We/I might be a bit late,” what is there to say? (Although that’s my question for everyone who cannot function without “being connected” ALL the time)
    I also must add that I see as many parents talking/texting while with their kids as I see caretakers; I cannot tell you how many mothers I see texting/talking while obliviously pushing a stroller into a crosswalk without looking.
    Yeah — I really do miss the good ol’ …..

  • Matthew Parker

    Anyone else notice the overflowing trash cans on the Promenade for the last few days? Is there some sort of Parks Dept trash strike? The overflow in the cans means that trash is starting to collect on the ground as well.

    Anyone know what’s going on and why trash isn’t being picked up on the Promenade?

  • imtellling u

    didn’t mean to start a riot. and the mother calling me or texing is telling me just what you said ” i’m running late” or ” kids club is cancelled”. etc….. I would never but ANY MEANS be gabbing away while crossing a street ( not even with the kid in the stroller). PLUS talking on the phone and strolling is hard. i am 100 % invested in the little girl I watch. i’d also like to add though im a young adult that grew up in the heights with plenty of nannies that sat on the benches while I played in the playground.. 23 years later im alive.

  • Claude Scales

    Sally Moskowitz: I’m not sure why your posts were put into moderation, but I’ve approved them and they’re now in the threads to which you posted. Anyway, you’ve confirmed Godwin’s Law: “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.”

  • i

    anyone notice the signs for the lost wedding ring? I wish there would be some description of the ring… im always sure to look where I step in hopes i’ll be able to find and return to the person.. such a horrible thing to lose. ( and no i dont want to find it for the reward) i don;t believe in accepting money bc u find somthing that makes someone happy. that is reward enough.

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    What difference would it make if there was a description of the wedding ring? How many wedding rings do you think are laying on the ground in the Heights?
    If anyone finds a ring they would just call the number on the flyer and ask the person to describe the ring that they lost.

  • EHinBH

    Just ordered Jakes BBQ delivery for the first time. EXCELLENT! Highly reccomment. Messy, but the best food we have had here in the Heights — in terms of delivery, anyway.

  • Teddy

    The nannies who are often on their phones are just like a lot of people these days who use their smartphones as an “escape”. I’m sure there’s a significant number of women who have become nannies and regret it, but feel they have no other viable employment option so they keep doing it.