Open Thread Wednesday 10/26/11

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  • Curmudgeon

    I wish I could feel something positive about the [new] owners of the Heights Cinema, but living on Orange Street, I have to say that the are just as bad as the previous owner and the least civic-minded people of any establishment in the area. To the best of my knowledge, they have never even swept their sidewalks. After the hurricane in August, the twigs on the sidewalk on the Orange side if the theater remained for weeks – I know because I saw them. Eventually, they just broke down after weeks and weeks and the rains washed them away. You would think that they would want to present a decent appearance, but apparently they don’t care. Look at three pits near the theater on Orange – never once cleaned out or weeded and the front on Henry isn’t much better.

    Honestly, how much money and effort does it take to sweep!

  • mlo

    Business owners are required to keep the sidewalks swept and clear of debirs and garbage else be fined. Call 311 and maybe they’ll clean up their act after receiveing a few summons’

  • GHB

    How can SENDER and GUDER continue to tag the neighborhood? I thought they were caught and put out of “business”?

  • ilike

    i like that they have a mix of current movies i want to see and indies…to me, that’s more important than the sidewalk or the comments above.

  • Heights Mom

    I hate the black bench they put outside on Hicks Street. Looks like some junk from someone’s basement or something. If they want to put benches out how about some nice ones? They are not expensive.

  • harveys mom

    is the floor still sticky?????

  • David on Middagh

    GHB, someone else mentioned this a while back. It’s kind of sad, It’s the mark of someone powerless in the world saying, “Pay attention to me!”

  • Degs

    From Wall Street Journal article yesterday about the 50th anniversary of “The Phantom Tollbooth”:

    “Written in a basement room in Brooklyn Heights in 1960, “The Phantom Tollbooth” began as an escapist project for its author, Norton Juster.”

    I never knew that classic book was written in our neighb. Apparently Juster lived downstairs from Jules Feiffer, who illustrated the book. I wonder where they lived.

  • GHB

    David, I’m seeing the tags every time I go for a walk. Mailboxes, fire/police alarms, signs, etc. Really annoying!

  • David on Middagh

    If anyone catches this guy in the act, don’t let him slide.

  • Arch Stanton

    ilike, How does showing a good mix of films exonerate the BH cinema from having to cleaning their sidewalk? It is the law, all property owners are responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of their sidewalk.

  • John Wentling

    In point of fact, it’s the City’s sidewalk.

  • Arch Stanton

    Yes, but the city does not clean or repair the sidewalks.

  • Wrennie

    I haven’t been to the new BHC yet. My main issue with them was their ridiculously poor insulation. I hope they’ve fixed the cold air blasting down on people in the middle of the winter.

  • PeterB

    Who actually HATES a bench? Come on! Life is too short to be hating anything, let alone a bench.

    This place is great, with a fantastic mix of movies.

    Can we just call this forum “Whiney Wednesdays” from now on?

  • DrewB

    If you’re concerned about the state of the sidewalks the way to get it resolved is to call 311. As far as the bench goes, there are plenty of places in the hood that have ratty furniture and displays. I don’t see that bench as particularly egregious. BTW, from the picture above the sidewalk looks pretty clean. Either way, I don’t think their untidiness detracts from what they offer the neighborhood as a whole. Looking forward to some of the new music programming they are planning, I do hope they have improved the interior though!

  • Hicks St Guy

    perhaps the last of the small one/two screen movie theatres in NYC that don’t show the usual brain-dead movies and all people here do is bitch & moan. I bet the complainers never go there. BH residents have a moral obligation to support this place.

  • LG

    Why are the police putting up signs on Henry & Remsen forcing residents to move their cars on Sundays so that churchgoers can park there???!!!!

  • Wrennie

    Arch Stanton has a point, though. Is it that much to ask for an establishment (or a homeowner, for that matter) to abide by the law? This is just an example of the larger issue in our society whereby people are applauded for lackluster performance. “Oh, your son is failing his math class? Well at least he isn’t failing science, too!” Um…how about just be responsible, be a law-abiding citizen, and don’t be a jerk? The country has become a nation of mediocrity and settling.

    Here’s a novel idea, BHC: continue to do what you’re doing in terms of great programming, but also sweep your sidewalks, since a) it’s considerate to your clientele and neighborhood, and b) it’s the law. You have to do it. If not, I’ll just bring my dog into your establishment and have it do its business all over your lobby–if you can break laws, anyone else can as well–and then you just have a disgusting and deplorable situation.

    (I don’t actually have a dog, but I’m just trying to make a point about lawlessness and laziness.)

  • MadeInBrooklyn

    I am so over the “new” Brooklyn and its new residents… You are all a bunch of whiners; get over yourselves and appreciate where you live and how damn lucky you are, or do the rest of us a favor and move upstate to Hudson county, or wherever the next spot to ruin might be.

  • Wrennie

    You can still not be full of yourself, appreciate where you live and how damn lucky you are while also appreciating if people just did what they were supposed to do. And that’s coming from a native who comes from several generations of natives. Perhaps it’s the people (likely non-natives) who refuse to acknowledge laws and to be considerate who are ruining Brooklyn and wherever else.


    DEG, re:Norton Juster
    Feiffer and Juster lilved on State St. between Clinton and Court.

  • Heights Mom

    Is that really why there are those no parking signs there?

  • resident

    @MadeInBrooklyn: That’s funny, I always assumed it was the “old” Brooklyn residents that did must of the whining on this board…

  • RamonaQ

    There is no Hudson County upstate.

  • JM

    I’m just thrilled that the BH Cinema was bought by someone/s who have an interest in supplying an outlet for diverse, independent cinema. We were on the verge of losing a real treasure. Art houses always have there little quirks and shortcomings. Anyone remember Theatre 80 St Marks. That place sometimes felt like you were going to your crazy old aunt’s house (the one that smelled like cats and oatmeal), but my God, the films I saw there and the memories that I may never have had otherwise. Good luck BHC. PS- R.I.P. Howard Otway you crazy S.O.B.!

  • AEB

    1. Brooklyn isn’t being ruined. By anybody. In fact, it’s going in the opposite direction, last time I looked.

    2. As Wrennie says, you can love a place but STILL want to make it better. BH is small; its residents are thus particularly attuned to matters of its upkeep. Such awareness is a sign of caring, not of small-mindedness.

    3. Among the several purposes of the BHB is to provide a venting place, especially in the Wednesday open thread. To bitch is not only human–it’s divine.

  • LG

    Yes, last Sunday everyone moved cars off Remsen only to find both sides of the street soon filled with cars bearing the “attending services” flier in the windshield. Now I see the police posting the same signs up on Henry for this weekend.

  • DrewB

    I quick look through the archive of this site will prove that I am an outspoken opponent of giving religious organization special parking privileges (or any preferential treatment by the state). However, based on the location and appearance of the signs you mentioned I’m not sure they have anything to do with the Church. There is no mention of the church, and based on the location (Remsen b/w Montague and Joralemon) I think it is more likely something to do with the construction at the Apartment building with the scaffolding on the SE corner or Remsen + Henry. I bet there are getting some construction materials delivered on Sunday and need the space to unload tractor trailers with a crane. You can get a permit for that, and it seems to me they often schedule those on Sunday to minimize traffic disruption. We’ll know for sure on Sunday. If there are cars parked there with signs saying they are attending church services, I’ll be the first to contact 311 to ask why neighborhood residents cars are being displaced to make room for church attendees from outside the neighborhood..

  • DrewB

    Just called the 84th precinct and was told those signs are indeed there for construction. The operator said someone had come in this afternoon and requested them because of construction. I mentioned that this same thing happened last weekend and there were church goers parking there. The operator said if that happens they will be towed. If you see church attendees parked there again this Sunday I suggest calling the 84th Precinct. and 311.