20 Henry Street Roof Hut is Temporary

Last month a BHB tipster sent us a photo and a question:

Attached are roof photos of 20 Henry. The structure in wood is about 12 feet and is an entry way for stairs. It is quite large and very bulky. I am not sure I ever saw this design. No rendition of the roof I found online had this structure. Of course, if you try to find anything on the LPC website it is pure luck. Maybe they approved it which is a surprise
considering the tight guidelines they gave the architect.

The BHB “iTeam” along with our pals at the BHA dug into the matter. Late last night we received a dispatch from BHA Executive Director Judy Stanton that included an explanation of the structure from design architect Sherida Paulsen:

The bulkhead is temporary protection over a stair that will be covered by a hatch at the roof. It should be removed as the roof is installed; I do not know what the timing is, but it is not part of the permanent plan.

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  • my2cents

    OMG Are people going to freak about the orange fencing too?? It’s a construction site…sheesh.

  • god

    My first thought: THERE’S a penthouse in Brooklyn Heights I can finally afford!

  • mlo

    the cadman building looks extra ugly in this photo

  • William Spier

    Good work. All silly comments aside, when a significant construction project goes on in a Landmarked neighborhood, neighborhood diligence is necessary. This project, which has been plagued with insolvency, two years of hearings before a plan was approved, and other issues, should be on the neighborhood watch list.