Open Thread Wednesday 10/12/11

What’s on your mind? Comment away!

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  • epc

    Electrical fire at 45 Main in DUMBO overnight, seemed to be located in or above the PowerHouse Books space. Building is currently closed due to no electric service (though some of the Front Street side commercial spaces are open, am guessing they have separate electric service from the main building).

  • PeterB

    Has anyone eaten at Bevacco? Would love to hear some reviews, I have yet to make my first visit.

  • weegee

    Secondary to the electrical fire was a water main that burst during firefighting operations.

  • DrewB

    Anyone else notice the Trash Pick Up at 2 AM last night. There was a trash truck picking up residential trash on hicks street around that time. A very unusual time for such a loud activity. That in addition to the jack hammering that went on all night (BQE?) made for raucous evening.

  • David on Middagh

    Drew B, the trash pickup woke me up. I heard banging and squealing, and thought someone was being killed! I’d have worn earplugs to bed had I known about the schedule change.

  • PeterB

    Anyone know what’s going on today in the park on Cadman Plaza? I hear lots of drums and whistles, and I saw about 20 cops (and an additional 10 or so policemen in blue jackets).

  • weegee

    From the AP Daybook: An estimated 1,200 Latino and African-American students and workers march over the Brooklyn Bridge while protesting police “stop and frisk” policies; starts at Cadman Plaza West, followed by noon rally at City Hall Park, Broadway and Park Place.

  • Hicks St Guy

    @PeterB, I dined with the wife at Bevacco last night, place was maybe 1/3 full at 7pm. decor is terrific, tables are marble, and the wait staff were very attentive. the wine list is Italian, very diverse and interesting selection of red wines, didn’t look at anything else.
    the food was very good, cuttlefish for me, saltimbocca for the wife and reasonable priced. the general manager came over and was informative and fun. I thought the wine pricing was a little high, but the food was pretty reasonably priced. portions were reasonable, as I am not one who expects huge amounts from good restaurants. highly recommended.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    I haven’t seen anything written about the new construction at the long empty corner of State and Hicks across the street from the hideous condo unaccountably thrown up five or six years ago.

    Anybody know anything?

  • Colin

    Brooklyn Bridge Park opened up the last section of temporary paths. Now you can walk/bike from Pier 6 to Pier without having to go on the narrow sidewalk along Furman!

  • PierrepontSkin

    I miss having a good pizzeria on Montague St.

    And don’t suggest Monty’s. That place makes pizza that tastes like New Jersey.

  • Ben T.

    Any additional information on the DUMBO fire? Was there any damage at pHouse Books?

    Also, awakened by late night trash pick up … very annoying.

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    @PeterB, I echo every word of Hick St Guy’s review of Bevacco. And I’ll add that they have some kind of cream filled doughnut on the desert menu that was amazing…and probably as bad for you as it sounds. Absolutely worth a shot. Try it.

  • epc

    PowerHouse Books is closed, uncertain about damage. Staff are packing up books in boxes and vacuuming water from the floor. FDNY broke out several windows on the Water Street side (I’m guessing to vent the smoke which had filled the PHB space).

  • PeterB

    @Hicks St Guy and @ColumbiaHeightster, thanks for the feedback! I look forward to trying Bevacco, maybe even this weekend. I went to Al Mar recently, which was good overall, but not amazing — I would go back, but not in a particular rush to do so.

    In the grand scale of BH Italian restaurants, where would you rank Bevacco when comparing it to Noodle Pudding, River Deli, Colonie, Queen, etc?

  • momoschki

    I’d like to weigh in also on Bevacco– went there last night with my husband for the first time and we were hopeful, as we have been to one of the owner’s other restaurants, Provino, in PS. The space is attractive, the service attentive, and the food was very good. We both had salads and pasta. The Bolognese was on a par with what I have had at River Deli and Noodle Pudding. I think it was reasonably priced: for 2 salads, 2 pastas, 2 glasses of wine, approx. $75, which is on par with what you would pay at other comparable neighborhood places.

    I hope they make a go of it, because it looks like Bevacco is off to a good start. Maybe this will end the curse of that particular location?

    Hicks St Guy, was that you sitting next to us last night??

  • Hicks St Guy

    @Momoschki, yes it was, and as I was reading your review, I was wondering too! I forgot to mention their gnocchi pasta creation was delicious and their 3 chocolate mousse dessert was to die for.
    @Peter B, I haven’t been to Colonie yet, was chased out of River Deli because of marauding brats & their entitled parents, and have no inclination to visit Queen (location) and won’t visit AlMar because Marcello was always rude to me. I am a big fan of NP.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    River Deli? Mediocre food, disagreeable atmosphere, alarming service.

  • Cranberry Beret

    Topham: see

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    @PeterB, of those you listed, I would only put Bevacco behind Colonie. In my opinion, Colonie is in a separate league from those you listed. For me, Colonie is a place to go for a special occasion – Bevacco would be a great place anytime.

  • Topham Beauclerk


    Thanks for the tip. It’s certainly an improvement on a vacant lot but it’s not much better than the condo across the street. A pity.

  • Tclinton11201

    100% agree about river deli, mediocre food. the “scene” or cool vibe from the place deserves at least decent food which this place is definitely not delivering… looking forward to Bevacco too

  • Monty

    I’ve been to River Deli several times and think it’s great. The place is family friendly, but I’ve never seen “marauding brats” or entitled parents there. Queen is also fantastic. I know Court St isn’t picaresque, but it’s not like it’s far away.

  • Lauren

    Is anyone else who has AT&T for cell service having trouble today? I haven’t been able to make out-going calls, nor receive in-coming ones, all afternoon.

  • Hicks St Guy

    @Monty, I spoke to the owners at River Deli several times before they opened, and was really looking forward to eating there. Twice I went, around 7pm, and there were three or four kids running around like it was a playground. I looked at the parents, they shrugged, and mentioned it to the owner, who said he couldn’t do anything, the parents live in the neighborhood. I would guess you may have kids and think it’s no problem, maybe not.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    I have been to Bevacco every day since it opened and I have enjoyed the vast majority of the dishes I selected. The inked scallops are very good, Filet Mignon was excellent though I’m not a fan of polenta which served as its bed. My favorite dish, whose name escapes me, is the pasta dish with fried garlic. For $10 it can’t be beat if you love garlic. Couple this dish with a Moretti draft beer and its heaven for under $20. The pasta Bolognese is fine but i prefer Noodle Puddings. I also had a tile dish in a broth for around $12 with broccoli that was tasty and healthy. Lobster Ravioli was very good but not enough on the dish to fill me up. For $18 I don’t want to be thinking about another dish. Lobster is expensive so portion size is limited. I get it.

    By the way, the corner seat facing Henry is great for people watching. Generally, when I sit there I see friends from the nabe who have joined me for a beer. I really like the atmosphere and Peter is a good guy. I’d rate it highly.

  • EHinBH

    Dont really understand the rave reviews… The owner (or manager – not sure) of Bevacco is very nice, but that doesnt make up for the food. It’s fair. Not bad. Okay. Good to have once in a while if you’re home and want to run out in the hood. Not somewhere to have friends meet you from outside BH… It’s not on par with JTH or Colonie. The place that used to be in St George Tower was better, if that says anything. They did, however, do a good job on the renovation. I think they need better starters… If you want to go and share a bunch, there are not that many tempting choices. The main courses have enough to chose from, but they are just fair. On the other hand, I went to Henry’s End and had the buffalo agnolotti and it was amazing. really top-notch.

  • Jorale-man

    I noticed some activity inside the vacant storefronts on the NE corner of Joralemon and Clinton Streets this morning. I hope it’s a sign that some tenants aren’t far behind. It’s really been a loss to the local area having the corner grocery mysteriously closed there. Anyone hear any new scuttlebutt on that?

  • Elmer Fudd

    When the little rich brats grow into big rich brats, watch out. Then the parents will have to do more than just shrug. I pity the phools.

  • Chris

    Does anyone in Brooklyn Heights have Sprint as a cell phone provider? I know cell-phone coverage in the area can be really spotty. I had AT&T until last May and couldn’t get ANY reception in my apartment and in many locations in the hood. I have T-Mobile now, which is fine. No major problems. Anyone have Sprint?