Karl Does Atlantic Antic, End to End

Mr. J. and his cam cover the scene from Hicks Street to Atlantic Terminal, finding lots of good stuff on the way, including predictions of the future for Brooklyn, the economy, and the stock market. Warning: if you’re trying to lose weight, watching this may be hazardous. See it after the jump.

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  • Matthew Parker

    Another great year for the Antic. Fantastic food, music. A minimum of corporate vendors, mostly Mom & Pops. A true slice of the real Brooklyn.

  • T.K. Small

    My favorite part of the Antic is the live music. However, sometimes the various acts are set up to close to one another and it is a bit overwhelming. Nevertheless, I had a great time as usual.

  • lois

    Great job, Karl. The sights and sounds of another Atlantic Antic. I could have saved myself many footsteps by taking your tour instead.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    That’s true but then I wouldn’t have had the pleasure of meeting you and hearing your great stories regarding beekeeping. There are just some things, like interesting person to person conversation, that the internet just can’t replace.