Fountain Cafe reinvents itself

Fountain Cafe, the Middle-Eastern restaurant on Atlantic Avenue, which was closed for several weeks for an apparent renovation, re-opened today as “Mocha” a restaurant-cafe and hookah bar (the namesake fountain is still in place and flowing). The menu retains a shorter list of the usual middle-eastern fare, and adds a bakery section with western and mid-eastern sweets and, a selection of coffee beverages and, rather surprisingly, an ice-cream counter. A back room with TV has been opened up in the old kitchen space for the hookah bar, which somehow gets around the City’s “No Smoking” rules, offering water cooled inhalants flavored with a variety of fruit flavor additions.

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  • Eddyenergizer

    A hookah just ain’t a hookah unless there’s some hashish in the bowl. I wonder if there is a back back room:)