Open Thread Wednesday 9/21/11

What’s on your mind? Comment away!

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  • Elmer Fudd

    Bang, bang. There was a gun shooting (besides a movie shooting) on Atlantic Avenue near Key Food yesterday afternoon. A NYPD crime scene van was parked outside of Urban Outfitters around 5 PM.

    Another poster commented about it yesterday. (well, only one bang.)

  • Tara

    Could anyone refer a local tour guide who would be willing to do an hour or two tour of Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO for friends of mine coming to town? Do you know how much this tour guide would charge?

  • Bette

    Dear Tara – try the Levy Brothers – never went on a tour with them but have heard of them.

  • Jo Ann

    Is anyone having to deal with Sovereign Bank’s new Escrow cushion requirement that is in direct violation of their mortgage documents? I would appreciate any small co-op treasurer’s writing me offline for possible group action.

  • MontagueStreetResident

    I was in the apartment where the cop fired his gun into. I was on a playdate with my baby, visiting a friend. Most terrifying moments of my life, to say the least. The bullet struck the wall in her living room, where we were all hanging out.

  • GHB

    Am I the only one who finds children’s chalk scrawling all over sidewalks, walls and the Promenade really annoying? I’ve noticed an increase in such “art work” lately. Parents, stop letting the kiddies do whatever the hell they want! And SENDER and GUDER appear to be back, defacing property with their graffiti.

  • GHB

    MontagueStreetResident…glad you’re OK!

  • James

    Anyone know what the small 12″x12″x12″ boxes with a safety cone bolted to the top of it are on the sidewalk of Remsen St. I was thinking maybe a base for new MuniMeters replacing the parking meters along the street?

  • AL

    101 Clark St TAG SALE this Saturday 9 – 5

  • my2cents

    If anyone reads Metropolis Magazine, check out page 61, with an excellent photo of our very own Middagh street firehouse!

  • Wrennie

    Does anyone (probably living in the North Heights, I presume) ever hear those two yappy dogs barking? The owner (wears a puffy orange coat in the winter) walks them up and down my street every night around 10:45/11:00PM, and they bark at EVERYTHING. I have a street-facing window–for the record, I love street noise; in fact, I need it to fall asleep–and this woman’s dogs are just completely outrageous. I actually recognize what her dogs sound like because they’re always, always barking. She needs to either find a different route, or train her dogs. The neighborhood is full of dogs; I don’t recognize the barks of any particular dogs because most dogs have owners who are considerate people and train their dogs to better socialize with other dogs, or leaves blowing across the sidewalk, or general things that exist in the world.

    Has anyone else noticed this, and been equally bothered by it?

  • Tony

    Wasn’t that “street fair” on Montague Street last Sunday delightful? Nothing soothes my Sunday more than hours of monotonous, thumping techno.

  • Sandra

    Yesteray when it was raining, did anyone notice this strange man pacing around the neighborhood. He was older, extrmely skinny and was wearing a red poncho with plaid shorts.He was mumbling something to himself, i stayed away but ive seen him around Court Street several times on rainy days. Did anyone see him?

  • GHB

    Was he also wearing a hood?

  • Karl Junkersfeld


    I’ve given tons of free tours of the Heights and would be happy to accomodate your friend for a few hours if available.

  • Sandra

    GHB–> Yes he was wearing a hood, why? did you see him?

  • ClintonStRez

    Has anyone else noticed a large increase in filiming in Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens the last few months? The set of Pan Am seems permanently here, and there have been numerous other crews. The disruption of these location shoots is getting old. Doesn’t the city do anything to monitor/control the number of shoots in particular areas?

  • GHB

    Sandra, no… but maybe our famous “hood guy” has broken out his summer wardrobe.

  • Josh G

    Cool – that’s my photo! Thanks!!

  • Elmer Fudd

    The infamous “black hoodie man” is still here. He is still wearing black, and usually hangs around Atlantic Avenue and Hicks street. Have seen him 2 or 3 times over the past week or so.

  • Topham Beauclerk


    No, you’re not the only one who’s irritated by the awful daubs of the little darlings of the neighborhood. No doubt the parents look on indulgently as their offspring deface other people’s property. “It’s only chalk and my baby’s stick figure is so cute.”

  • PierrepontSkin

    So I know I am probably going to get some negative feedback from this like “If you don’t like it, don’t drive” or “Move somewhere where you need a car” BUT….
    We all know the parking situation in the Heights is terrible. Movie/TV shoots/dumpsters don’t make it any easier and garages are expensive.
    What I am inquiring about is the red Volvo station wagon that is usually parked on Hicks between Pierrepont and Montague. For a while now, it has had a trailer attached to the back. Sometimes there is nothing on it, and sometimes there are two large anchors (that’s right, those big metal things that keep a boat from moving) strapped down to it. The trailer is often left in the spot without the car. It’s an extreme inconvenience.
    I still manage to find parking, but its not nice to look at something else taking up space where another car can easily park.

    Bring on the negativity.

  • my2cents

    I have definitely noticed the volvo and the trailer many times. I think they owner has a motorcycle he keeps on it. I have often wondered how he manages to park the car and trailer consistently in the same place! I do consider it annoying but if it’s parked legally, there isn’t much one can do but find a different spot. Renting a parking spot was the best decision I ever made. Costs money but saves a huge amount of headache and tickets.

  • PierrepontSkin

    @my2cents, I do agree. What do you mean by renting a spot? Like in a garage?

  • Andrew Porter

    James, I saw that cone, and others like it, around BH. Just read that the last old parking meters were being removed in Manhattan, to be replaced by Mini Meters (which are called “Pay and Display” in the UK). I suspect that’s what’s coming here. The post on Remsen was neatly cut into and through a bluestone sidewalk slab.

  • Andrew Porter

    Muni, not mini, meters… (Must lern to proofread better…)

  • beth

    wrennie, not sure about your particular dogs, but there is a dog that lives on Hicks Street in the North Heights that has a similar barking problem, which ordinarily I would not mind, except that he often gets walked at 4:45am. (Yes, I have come to look at my watch when I get woken up now…) Always the same walk,. always a piercing bark in front of my window. Never been quite sure how to approach it! Want to be a tolerant and reasonable neighbor but. That dog. That damn dog.

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    Very block-specific post, and for that I apologize. Does anyone what the situation is at the garden apartment of 202 Columbia Heights? On more than one occasion this summer, there appeared to be a lot of underage drinking happening there, resulting in a lot of noise at very late hours, including continued slamming of their iron gate. This past Saturday night, I watched as their neighbors were treated to a mouthful of vomit right in front of 204. Luckily, one of the residents of 204 saw it happen and made them clean it up. Nobody wants to be the grumpy “keep that noise down” old man, but being kept awake by drunk kids isn’t why we pay what we do to live in Brooklyn Heights.

  • monty

    @ghb and topham, the chalk art is occasionally annoying, but you can’t compare it to spray paint. The chalk disappears as soon as it gets wet or there’s a strong breeze. It ranks well behind dog pop on the list of things I don’t want in my sidewalk.

  • Heightsguy

    It’s doing the drunk kids a favor to confront them with concern, rather than anger. The stats on injuries from falls, driving, fires, alcohol poisoning, from acute intoxication are quite impressive, not to mention unwanted sexual encounters, STDs.