Opening Night at Gandhi Palace

There would appear to be a demand for Indian Food that Curry Heights is not filling; when I had dinner on the opening night of GANDHI PALACE, the new Indian Restaurant in the former AMIN space, there were never less than five other tables occupied. The subdued lighting of it’s predecessor is gone, and the room is clearly lit and showing a new yellow paint scheme with minimal decoration on the walls.

Some previous threads have echoed the hope that this new establishment might offer something more exciting in Indian cuisine. Sadly, I must report that isn’t the case: Gandhi Palace’ menu and cooking style is no different than any local neighborhood Indian joint. There are the usual samosa and pakoras on the appetizer list, traditional breads and soups, chicken and fish tandooris, and curry dishes in the expected korma, vindaloo, navrata, swag and bhuna forms. That said, the food I tried was perfectly well prepared, reasonably spiced and served promptly. Prices are on par with Curry Heights, and they have a wine and beer list, although the “wine list” I was given (dog-eared and clearly from another Indian Restaurant) seem to have no relation to the bottles available.

At least once a week I take the train to Curry Hill for lunch, where one can find restaurants putting a modern twist on classic Indian cooking, or exploring more exotic culinary corners of the country. The opening of Catania and Oh! My Pasta shows that there’s room in BH for more than traditional Italian fare, and I’d like to think the same applied to Indian. Unfortunately, Gandhi Palace, while likely to be a reliable take-out spot, won’t be getting anyone to go out of their way for a meal.

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  • god

    so you are saying this is Amin with the same owners, etc. yes?

  • chris

    Too long since I’ve been to Amin, so I can’t make a comparison.

  • harumph

    ugh, totally depressing.

  • Sandra

    Yesteray when it was raining, did anyone notice this strange man pacing around the neighborhood. He was older, extrmely skinny and was wearing a red poncho with plaid shorts.He was mumbling something to himself, i stayed away but ive seen him around Court Street several times on rainy days. Did anyone see him?

  • Maestro

    I really enjoy the Indian food from Curry Heights on Remsen Street. Stumbled upon it while leaving the health food store Peralandra one day a few years ago, and after that first meal, never went back to Amin.

  • Andrew Porter

    You know, and some people know, what you’re talking about when you mention “Curry Hill”. However, I have no idea what you’re talking about, Chris. Please do reviews for those of us who don’t have inside knowledge which you’re apparently not willing to share.

  • Nancy


    From CitySearch:
    When seeking out Indian restaurants in New York, diners often hit the East Village’s gaudy 6th Street corridor, where hawkers entice passersby to come in for cut-rate curries.(usually called Brick Lane). But it’s a couple dozen blocks to the north, on a stretch of Lexington Avenue nicknamed Curry Hill, that you’ll find some of the island’s finest Indian food

  • Andrew Porter

    Thanks, Nancy! I’ve been on 6th Street, sometimes after going to a reading at the KGB Bar on 4th Street, but was unaware of the other area.

  • Capulet

    I would imagine ‘Curry Hill’ derives from ‘Murray Hill’…

  • Shelly

    I just got home from a business trip and I grabbed a take-out menu from Gandhi Palace from my building’s foyer. When I opened it up – and I kid you not – I saw the word “Amin”, which was machine-printed on the menu, crossed out with a black pen in the section “Lunch at Amin”. It has to be the same owners.

  • chris

    Specifically, “Curry Hill” is Lexington Ave, 27th St and 28th St.

  • RF

    An attempt at a tabula rasa? Amin did have a grade of C from the health department.

  • David on Middagh

    …but their *tabula rasa* was perfectly cooked!

  • Pierrepont

    I’m sticking with Curry Heights. Amin was always pretty inedible, and if this new place is just a DOH dodge, well, that tells me all I need to know. Avoid!

  • Eve

    I’m sad to hear that Gandhi palace is the same owners/mgmt as Amin.. Amin is/was so bland, they were always a bit arrogant w/their customer service. Once we got delivery and the guy actually told us our tip was too low!! We are not cheap, so that was the last straw. Didn’t know about Curry Heights though I’ll check it out thanks everyone!