Primary Election Tuesday (9/13)

For registered Democrats, there is a primary election tomorrow for the nomination for Civil Court Judge. The candidates are Sharen D. Hudson, a practicing attorney, and Cheryl Gonzalez, a Housing Court judge. You can find your polling site here.

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  • Quinn Raymond

    Sharen Hudson is backed by County Leader Vito Lopez.

    So I will be supporting Judge Cheryl Gonzalez.

  • chris

    Gudson is the Vito Lopez candidate; Gonzales has been endorsed by IND and oher Reform clubs.

  • Elmer Fudd

    Let’s make a difference, come out and vote for Gonzales.

    You know Vito’s paid staff will be transporting the nursing home people to the polls. Will probably give them an apple and tell them to vote for Hudson.

  • Ernie

    Because the Vito Lopez supports a person is not reason to vote for or against them.

    Voting for Cheryl Gonzales because she is a respected Housing Court Judge, found “qualified” by the NYS Independent Judicial Election Qualifications Commission, and was endorsed by the NY Times and Joan Millman are far better reasons.

    And – for what it is worth – she is also being supported by some old fashion regular democratic clubs in other parts of Brooklyn, and Sharon Hudson is being supported by some of the most vocal critics of Vito Lopez. The Brooklyn Democratic Party did not endorse a candidate in the primary.

  • Quinn Raymond

    Opposing Lopez’s ethically and legally compromised machine IS actually a valid basis for making a decision in a judicial race, especially given the absence of any reasonably substantive metrics that would otherwise help us choose.

    How else should we pick judges? By reading the resumes on their palm cards? Reading their past opinions?

    Sadly, this is the imperfect system that determines who interprets our laws– one built around club patronage. I am not questioning either of these candidates’ professional qualifications– how could I? As a primary voter I know nothing about them, but am expected to pick between them.

    In lieu of any reasonable indicators, what we are left with are different Democratic clubs duking it out to fill a job and exert local influence.

    The process is terrible and must be reformed.

  • Nancy

    Actually, yes. I do look at past decisions made by judges. It truly is the only way to know how they will perform in the future. Why would ther be something wrong with that? i could care less where they went to law school, but their written opinions are quite telling.

  • Quinn Raymond

    That is admirable and impressive!

  • Quinn Raymond

    I voted 15 minutes ago and was only the 41st person to do so in my ED.

  • Andrew Porter

    When I voted last night at 7:30pm I was only the 22nd in my ED to cast a vote.