Open Thread Wednesday 9/7/11

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  • Curmudgeon

    Sorry @bklyn20, but I was away and didn’t see your post of last week.

    Even if the baskets were moved how can it be that Hicks and Joralemon SHOULD have four when none of the blocks north of Clark don’t have more than one and some (Orange) have NONE.

    The North Heights has been without baskets on most of its corners for months and months…so can we please have some up here! We are tired of walking blocks and blocks to throw out dog poop and the two baskets we have are always full and it is a disgrace.

    There is an unfair distribution of baskets in the neighborhood with the south Heights on the “winning” side.

  • Monty

    I know it’s not new, but I just wanted to mention that I had brunch at Colonie this past weekend and it was stupendous. Definitely not a value place considering the price and portions, but the quality of the food was impeccable and the dining room was gorgeous. Not kid friendly at all which will disappoint some and excite others.

  • dineen

    According to the friendly woman at the counter, the deli on the corner of Clinton and Joralemon is meant to be closed for renovations for about 3 months.

  • Degs

    The post regarding noise from Governor’s Island reminded me that as a kid in the 60s, when the place was still in active use as a military base, on summer mornings with the windows open we could occasionally hear the trumpets blowing reveille from the top floor bedrooms at our house on Clinton Street. It was not disturbingly loud, but an odd thing to hear in the City. I guess this shows that sound carries across the water, under the right atmospheric conditions, which does not bode well for solving your problem. (I suppose people facing Central Park must have the same problem when there are concerts in the Park.)

  • AEB

    Alas, me, conspicuous cat waste is only one of the problems with the tenants in the apartment you mention.

    In the past–and occasionally still–they’ve left their bagged garbage outside their front door until they’re ready to throw it out. They’ve also posted adverts for guitar instruction on the railing of what they take to be their entrance.

    And let’s not forget the bike that, all summer, was lashed to the railing, covered, sometimes, by a floppy blue tarp.

  • harumph

    We call the store at Joralemon and Clinton the “purple awning” and it was an everday stopping place for most Packer kids afterschool. I was there when they were packing up the last remnants of the store and asked the man ‘are you closing?’ ‘yes’ he replied…a crowd grew and another woman asked ‘you are closing forever?’ ‘yes’ he replied again. I’m still in shock but I think it is really gone.

  • bklyn20

    Curmudgeon, sorry I used caps for the word “last” in my earlier post. I didn’t intend to chastise you, and am just rather amazed that most of the cans are still there. I do think that several of the cans came from BBP — although generally they have a diifferent kind of can in the park from what I can see. The regular street cans are usually seen in there where Joralemon enters the park.

    I am crushed to to think that the Joralemon and Clinton deli is closing. We call it “Fawnie Deli” after the lovely woman mentioned many times above. Beyond the basic convenience factor, this deli made this dark corner much safer at night.

  • Flashlight Worthy

    In regards to the purple awning deli, the shelves were nearly bare a few weeks ago. When I asked, Fawnie told me that it was because of a flood from above during that Sunday of record-setting rain.

    Methinks it’s time for Homer to do some investigative journalism and get us the official answer.

  • AEB

    Drat, me: deprived of yet another “outrage” to feel indignant about.

    I’ll try to adjust….

  • Arch Stanton

    I have a solution for the people annoyed by the Governors Island concert noise, MOVE.

    There’s a subdivision a call’n you.

  • AEB

    …the point, though, is that twenty-somethings shouldn’t be allowed to rent apartments. Or to do anything. Beyond being decorative.

  • Jorale-man

    The verdict seems to be out on the Clinton/Joralemon deli. The official word has been that they’re renovating and possibly expanding into the empty space next door. But I have my doubts too. I wonder if the developers of the new condo above didn’t like the frumpy look of it and want something fancier there – a bank branch or real estate office perhaps.

  • San

    She told me the same thing about the rain a few weeks back. I also noticed the shelves seemed a little bare, then it was closed.

  • Melissa

    I also had dinner at Oh My Pasta and am happy to report it was really good. And very friendly service.

  • Cat

    I came on here to ask about the deli at Clinton & Joralemon, and I’m sad to read that it’s closed (possibly for good). I come off the subway at Ct. & Joralemon, and I’ve always felt better at night knowing that the deli was open.

    I suspect the rent was raised with the bldg. renovation. Will hate to see the new RE office, nail salon or phone store that goes in there.

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    Elizabeth on Henry,
    I heard the music too. It was after 11PM. I thought maybe a neighbor was having a party but after a long while I realized that it was coming from Governor’s Island. It was loud enough so that I could not sleep.

  • zburch

    I am really bummed about the deli on Clinton/Joralemon. That was our ‘go to’ place, especially when walking home from the subway.

  • Big Dave

    What was last Saturday.

    Am wondering about city sound level regs. for outdoor concerts?

  • Hicks St Guy

    @ me, I agree with you about the G-island music.
    and I believe the killjoys near Central Park killed
    the Wolman Rink concerts that were such a joy
    years ago. if you expect silence, the boonies
    await you.

  • Wrennie

    I’m surprised to hear positive reviews of Oh My Pasta. It just goes to show you what a name can do–it’s turning plenty of people off because a name so…whatever you’d call that…belies Kraft mac-n-cheese and Chef Boyardee. Very, very odd. I can’t imagine calling a friend and telling them to come meet me for dinner at Oh My Pasta.

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    How about calling a friend and saying “hey, I heard good things about a new Italian restaurant that just opened up in the neighborhood and by the way, it’s called Oh My Pasta.
    Why the negativity about a name just because you don’t like it.

  • PennyRC

    The deli on Clinton/Joralemon is not closed forever. The landlord wanted them to close for a few months to renovate the facade.

  • AmyinBH

    I think life is pretty good when all we have to complain about are the names of restaurants and a nice deli closing.

    And, the sun is sort of breaking through the clouds.

  • Bill Ringler

    Attached is a link to an article in yesterday’s NY Times about a planned settlement in a Federal RICO case against the Pinnacle Group, which owns the Riverside Apartments on Joralemon Street. The Riverside Tenants were mailed a copy of the planned settlement earlier in the week.

  • El

    As part of the NYT’s 9/11 memorial report, there’s a short piece on Engine 205 and Ladder 118.

  • weegee

    “The drummers, twenty-five or more in number, went outside and made a great racket under the east wall of the South Battery, which could be heard on the other side of Butter Milk Channel in Brooklyn.” – Augustus Meyers, writing about the U.S. Army field music school on Governor’s Island in 1854.

  • GHB

    El… thanks for posting that

  • Wrennie

    Willow, your questions answers itself, silly.

  • Andrew Porter

    There was this weird round yellow thing in the sky today, and for a moment I wasn’t sure what it was. The moss growing on my north side has put in a complaint about the orb…

  • ElizabethonHenry

    Thank you for all your thoughts on the Governor’s Island music. I have lived in Brooklyn Heights a long time and am missing the way things were and the reasons I moved here from Chelsea in NYC. Unfortunately (or fortunately for some as evidenced by the responses on this blog), the Heights are looking more and more like that neighborhood. Things change. Luckily, I have options. I remembering reading an article on this blog not long ago about a very long-term resident who moved to Long Island because he and his family were fed up with, among other things, those helicopters.