Open Thread Wednesday 9/7/11

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BHB Photo Club pic by shootlikeagirlphotography via Flickr

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  • lois

    Landlines out on Columbia Hts since the Sunday Irene paid her visit. The Verizon workers know what the problem is, where the problem is and how to fix it. However, they have to wait for their “boss’s boss” to determine whether or not they can close the street long enuf to repair – apparently. Columbia Hts is an “embargo street” and needs a special permit. TimeWarner was able to repair their difficulties the day of the storm and the workers received a round of applause from the residents of the Standish on completion of their task.

  • lori

    Interesting photo.

  • Stillhere

    Any more observations on the two way Furman?

  • ElizabethonHenry

    I am trying to find out whether or not anyone else in the Heights hears the music from Governor’s Island. It seems odd, but we can hear it and this past Saturday heard it too much. We live on the fifth floor with clear views of the harbor and no barrier between us and the water. The music from Governor’s Island, especially the bass, comes in loud and clear. The first time we heard the music was when Governor’s Island opened to the public. We thought it was a loud neighborhood party and went for a walk in search of the location. We finally realized it was coming all the way from Governor’s Island. Anyone else having this problem?

  • Curmudgeon

    Has anyone noticed that there are eight, count ’em, eight litter baskets on the corner of Hicks and Joralemon -hardly a commercial area. And yet, north of Clark on Hicks there is only ONE basket on Cranberry and ONE on Midagh. Do South Heights residents have an “in” with the Sanitation Department? Could they send us a couple up north?

  • bklyn20

    I think the Hicks & Joralemon baskets — which I mentioned in LAST Wednesday’s Open Thread – are probably cans used by BBP that were moved uphill during the hurricane. Hicks & Joralemon should have 4 — the rest should go elsewhere, and at least one to Joralemon and Columbia Place.


    If anyone found a BLUE TEDDYBEAR with a heart on his tummy please let me know. It was last seen @ Chapin Playground and my 4 year old is distraught about it. my email address is nana321 @hotmail. com

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    @Elizabeth, the summer is just about over, so hopefully that will provide you some relief. As you can guess, I live on Columbia Heights, facing the water, and can hear the music if standing outside, but I think the summer concerts are probably coming to an end in the next few weeks.

  • Colin

    I thought it was strange that there were no signs posted about the new two-way traffic on Furman. For safety’s sake there should be a sign for pedestrians crossing at Joralemon – many people are accustomed to only looking north for traffic there.

  • DrewB

    Someone is gonna get killed on Furman street. No new signage, and lackadaisical police enforcement is leading to confusions. About three times in the last week I’ve seen people driving in the wrong lane. One time someone pulled into the wrong lane in front of the traffic cop stationed at the north end of Furman. The cop just shrugged his shoulders and looked the other way.

  • Knight

    @Elizabeth: I have friends on a high floor of 75 Henry and they have been complaining about the music from Governor’s Island, as well. I don’t hear it on Hicks Street but apparently they heard it well past midnight last weekend.

  • DrewB

    I live on the 5th floor of building on Hicks facing the water. Over the course of this summer I’ve heard two concerts over at Gov Island. It is usually only the bass, and I can barely hear it if my windows are closed. I got no problem with it as it is usually on the weekends and always over by 11 or so.

    Compared to the ever present noise of construction, helicopters and sirens, the Gov Island Concerts are of negligible annoyance to me.

  • grrr

    On Remsen Street, and yes, we heard the music from Governor’s Island last Saturday night.

  • iLikeBrooklyn

    I’ll try it this way…

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  • Knight

    @Lori: I think the photo is one of the windows of the St. George Tower at 111 Hicks. I’ve just never seen one that clean before.

  • ElizabethonHenry

    Thanks to all who responded to my email about the noise and learning that I am not alone. I am thankful it is the end to summer concerts there. However, there is always next summer and the next, etc. I am hoping to find a group of people who are interested in protesting the volume of the sound so we can get it turned down. Saturday we called 311 and notified Squadron’s office. What more can we do?

  • JM

    Re: Furman St.- while I like having Furman 2 way, the post regarding the bad signage and dangers etc is correct. This is also true of the new traffic pattern and lane markings on Columbia Northbound towards Atlantic as you pass the BQE West entrance on Columbia. It was always a bit scary driving on Columbia there as people turning left onto the ramp tended to assume they had some right of way and would turn into oncoming traffic that’s going straight. Now they have it down to 1 lane for those going North on Columbia and it’s like a gauntlet. I’ve had twice as many near misses driving straight down Columbia there since they narrowed the lane. Typical of Sadik-Khan’s DOT “lets put it in and see what happens” approach. Guess they are so busy fudging bike lane data in their “studies” to actually do one before they implement these lane changes. Hope no one gets injured as a result (I’ve personally witnessed an alarming number accidents and near misses caused by these poorly thought out DOT changes).

  • j_montague_st

    The “music” started around 8AM this Saturday. Sounds like it is right outside my window (Montague facing the harbor). Awful.

  • zburch

    I am much more concerned with the daily non-stop noise from helicopters than I am from an occasional concert at Gov. island that ends at a reasonable hour.

  • zburch

    Had a decent meal at Casa di Campagna last weekend. On the corner of 117 Columbia and Kane. The service was attentive, especially so for a new place. For those that want kid friendly, this is a good place offering veal to pizza and balloons for kids. For those that don’t need that like myself, there is plenty of room in the bar to eat away from kids. This would be a great place though to come with a group of friends or family. The interior is very warm, the owner said he dismantled an old barn from South Carolina and used it for the panels and tables. It verges on Long Island kitsch Italian, but the red sauce on scungilli was delicious. My husband had veal marsala which was great, and I had grouper. Which I rarely see outside of FL, and it was tasty. We are big fans of Queen, but usually just order from their seasonal menu. If you want homey classic red-sauce Italian this would be a good place to come. Prices were very fair and the portions were enormous. We could have easily split one entree.

  • GHB

    Just a pet peeve… When it stops raining, shut your damn umbrella! I hate dodging golf- and beach-size umbrellas in midtown when it’s not even raining!

  • Hicks St Guy

    today’s Dining section in the NYT: a new restaurant from
    Saul Bolton, Ristorante Saul, to open at Atlantic & Henry
    called, I think, Red Gravy?

  • Gerry

    @Elizabeth, Govenours Island is a place where connected people often have weddings and other events and that is the music that you hear.

    Not long ago my wife and I attened a grand event at Govenors Island the wedding of a friends daughter we saw Colin Powell and Hillary Clinton it was a spectacular affair the music was great – and loud.

    This location is desierable because of the security it provides guests who maybe dignitaires, etc.

  • San

    Did the small deli/bodega at Clinton and Joralemon close for good?

  • Tclinton11201

    San, not sure, saw it opened last week but last night walking by and this AM it was closed… have to admit it was convenient although not the most inviting…

  • jom

    I went to lunch this afternoon at the new restaurant on Montague Street- Oh my pasta!

    A very reasonable priced menu and the pasta is freshly made. In fact they make it in open view and I have to say it was wonderful. The operation is still new and they admit to working out some operational issues, but they where very upfront about it and I think it is a wonderful addition to the neighborhood.

    Try it.

  • north heights res

    Totally, totally bummed about the closing of the little store at Clinton & Joralemon. I work near there & found it so convenient, and the folks that worked there were really friendly & helpful. Huge loss to that part of the neighborhood.

  • JM

    north heights res…yeah me too, that was a great deli and resource for the hood, and the folks behind the counter were always so nice. Keep going by to see if re-opened, but still closed and no notice up
    or anything. A real loss.

  • Sal D

    I think it might be closed for good. I stopped by last week and there was little on the shelves and the nice lady behind the counter gave me a discount on the items I purchased.

  • Lauren J

    @Homer, thanks for selecting my photo to feature this on this week’s open thread– it brought a smile to my day.

    @Liz, thanks!

    @Knight, yes– good eye! The photo is of the St. George Tower on Hicks.

    The Brooklyn Heights Cinema will be having an exhibit of my photography during the month of October– many of the images that will be on display were captured here in the neighborhood.