Potential Hurricane Hazards in Brooklyn Heights

Many readers have noted that scaffolding around Brooklyn Heights poses a threat for damage and injury when Hurricane Irene lands here later tonight.

Mrs. Fink called National Grid this morning to find out if they planned to remove the construction horses in front of 24 Willow Street before the storm hits. The company claims that it is sweeping all of its work sites and will have them secure by tonight. (Update: As of 8:30pm Saturday night, the barriers are gone and the site has been secured.)

Also, a BHB reader noted that the roof of 72 Poplar Street was strewn with various construction items. With the help of the BHA’s Judy Stanton the potential hazards were removed this afternoon.

If you see something, say something. Call 311. Comment here and/or contact the BHA (bkhtsassoc AT aol.com).

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  • Gerry

    I hope that National Grid is on top of all of this scafolding in the old days our local BUG – Brooklyn Union Gas would have never let us down but this new company based in England makes me nervous.

  • AnnOfOrange

    As of about 5:45 PM, National Grid had not removed the construction barricades on Willow Street — not smart since they have been put on notice that they are there and hazardous.

  • Jerry

    There is a dumpster full of wooden debris on the Adams Street side of the federal courthouse. I told the cops on the intersection and they told me someone had been assigned to it. It is still uncovered and facing Concord Village.

  • Albert

    Hi all, I live at 30 Clinton St in Brooklyn Heights toward the rear, facing 30 Monroe Place. I’d say about 20 feet up and maybe 15 yards across, there is a tv satellite dish perched very precariously on the corner of the roof. If the winds are as strong as they say they’ll be, that dish is sure to come hurtling off and crashing into someone’s window. I hope there’s some way fellow BHB readers can help! I’m on hold with 311 as I type.
    Best wishes and stay safe, everyone!

  • George

    The mayor mentioned at this afternoon’s press conference that trash bins would be picked up by Dept of Sanitation. They are still out there and filled with garbage. 311 claims to have no info on sanitation picking up the bins but responded by saying “if the mayor said so then it will be done” the bin on end of Montague St. by the promenade looks to be trouble.