Panic! At Montague Street Key Food (Okay, Not So Much)

Brooklyn Bugle contributor/Brooklyn Heights resident/Homer’s pal/ Celine Dion fan Chuck Taylor reports on his adventure today at the Montague Street Key Food.

Baby Fink and I were there earlier today, stocked up on our favorite Ella’s Kitchen baby food (hey, great for grownups too if the Endtimes come) and bought two loaves of bread. We may have also tried to dissuade folks from buying candles in lieu flashlights as a backup for blackout. You know, so first responders aren’t rushing to a fire some Glade candle caused. Just sayin’. And Chuck, sorry about the bread…

Smoking Nun: I stopped in figuring I’d make a big pot of chili to enjoy for the next couple days, easy enough to reheat on the gas stove in case there’s no power.

As I walked the aisles, there was not a single loaf of bread nor a carton of eggs to be found. No ground beef (so I bought turkey; healthier anyway). Every single checkout line was open—a first at the Key—while there was a staffer directing folks through the express line, which must have been 25 deep, as if I was shopping at Trader Joe’s.

Good lord, almighty, last winter a blizzard passed through New York, dumping a foot of snow along with 40 mph winds. Public transportation wasn’t fazed, life continued to move forward and New Yorkers acted like… New Yorkers, without so much as a blink.

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  • Mike

    Uh, the subway did shut down during the blizzard, at least in areas where it runs uncovered like the A in Queens.

  • Andrew Porter

    I was in Key about 1pm, and it was probably the most profitable day in their history. On the way out I helpfully announced to the assembled hordes that they were sold out of chain saws.

    On WNYC this morning, someone tweeted to the Brian Lehrer Show that the lines at the Atlantic Ave. Trader Joe’s were out the door.

  • god

    I saw the lines at Trader Joes. At 7 they were still out the door.

  • Cupcake

    Makes one wonder how we will behave when things get even more challenging.

  • David on Middagh

    Cupcake, check out last year’s “The Zombiepocalypse Is Here” thread for examples of some pretty short-sighted non-planning on the occasion of the rising of the undead.

  • x

    Subway was almost semi empty this morning, except for the healthcare personnel going to work.

  • Carol

    Well I concur with cupcake, but did my shopping as normal on thursday at Traders, my normal crowd.