Did you just feel that?

Update: Early reports say that the epicenter of the 5.8 quake was 87 miles south of Washington DC according to CNN area and it was felt there, NYC, Ohio and other states.

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  • william

    I am in Virgina and my sister who lives in Richmond said she heard a roaring sound, her house shook, pictures fell off the wall, and something fell in the attic. A neighbor who works 30 miles from the epicenter in Mineral, Va. said books fell off a shelf onto her desk and everyone ran out of the building. I was in Topping, 70 miles away, and didn’t notice any roaring sound, but the house was creaking and rolling, and the rocking chairs were rocking back and forth about 4 inches. There were 2 separate jolts during the 15 to 20 second shaking episode. Cool stuff. Local dogs were barking and acting strangely before, during and after the shaking.

  • Columbiaplaceres

    At first I thought it was a huge truck passing the BQE. The buildings old so it occasionally shakes when trucks pass thru. But this time was different. My furniture shook and books were on the verge of falling. Definitely felt weird.

  • Muskrat

    Was on the 9th fl of an office bldg in Boston and felt it there!

  • Sarina

    Definitely scary! On 10 floor of Brooklyn Heights building the building shook as walls swayed and all the glassware rattled for at least 20 seconds. Many people went into the street and were very concerned. Thank goodness for i pods and i phones we were able to find out what happened fairly quickly. .