Restaurant Closings Sweep the Heights

So long, Amin India. Farewell, Fresh Cafeé Bar. Sayonara, Sushi Gallery and Migita Sushi. And whither Fortune House? These restaurants and possibly others that I’ve forgotten have suddenly shut down, shuttered up and, as in the case of Sushi Gallery, appear to have split under cover of the night. Is it the economy? Rent? Or something else we have yet to discover? At the very least, am wondering what restaurants will move in to the neighborhood next.

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  • Hicks St Guy

    don’t know if we can survive with only two sushi
    restaurants near the corner of Clark & Henry.

  • harumph

    does anyone have an update on the Fortune House thing? Are they planning to reopen under a new name?

  • Jenna

    I feel like the Heights could really use a Mexican restaurant.

  • resident

    Agreed on Mexican… the North Heights could also use a really good sandwich spot.

  • C.

    New Orleans Cajun restaurant.

  • Henry Clark

    Does anyone know what actually happened with Sushi Gallery? I liked the food and the family that ran the place were very nice.

  • Gerry

    I do not eat sushi.

  • x

    I look forward to the opening of Hanco Vietnamese Sandwich and Bubble Tea on Montague Street near Armandos

  • Gerry


    Yuck! If that new place lasts 6 months I will be surprised.

    Heights people want gormet burgers, popcorn shrimp, angel hair pasta primivera – like Heights Cafe menu.

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    I went to Catania on Atlantic Avenue today for the first time. I ordered food to take out. The food was delicious. The rice balls were excellent as was the pasta bolognese and the caponata. We had a cup of coffee while waiting for our food and even that was good.
    As for Fortune House, I peeked in the window yesterday and nothing was going on. I expected to see a renovation in progress but that was not the case.

  • lori

    I am going to miss Amin. They were here quite a while and I thought they were well established. The Heights is overloaded in the Asian category. We need more variety.

  • Heightsguy

    Why “yuck” at Vietnamese? It is delicious, and lighter than most Chinese food. I don’t think infusions of lemongrass, pepper, cilantro, mint, etc. are yuck. I don’t eat heart attack food like popcorn shrimp.
    Now if it only the sandwiches: “banh mi” it’s limited fare but still tasty.

  • tazzamazza

    Sushi gallery is closed for sure? I know I haven’t seen it open for the past couple of weeks, but I figured maybe the family who run it went on vacation or had a death in the family or something. I’d like to ditto the question of the person before who wanted to know what happened – if anyone finds out, can you do a blog post on it? They were a really lovely korean family – and so incredibly hardworking – and I’d want to know that they are o.k.

  • Monty

    Sushi Gallery was actually the highest quality sushi around here. Every other place in the heights are value oriented (ie, big piles of rice on second-rate fish). Sushi Gallery also had some decent Korean food while the Korean BBQ I had at Ozu was downright gross.

  • resident

    Seriously, Gerry? Yuck at a vietnamese sandwich shop?? There’s one by my office (different restaurant) that is absolutely amazing and there’s always a line down the block. I do acknowledge that you could be sarcastic, after all, pretending that Heights Cafe is good is certainly a sign.

    @C: I would agree if I thought someone would do a cajun/creole place well. But, outside of Louisiana, I rarely see any place that replicates the cuisine well.

  • Clarky

    I have a memory of Sushi Gallery closing for a few weeks last summer as well, around the same time as Fascati’s annual closure. I’m guessing it’s just some sort of vacation. Not sure why they don’t put up a sign though.

  • Sad Neighbor

    Where was Sushi Gallery? I never heard of it. There is an Italian restaurant at the “doomed” spot where Zuzu yum yum’s chinese food was for years…since then any restaurant that has occupied that space has failed…hopefully this wont. I noticed tonight that there is a Pasta restaurant where the Turkish place over or near Aerosols is.
    I have been yearning for a good Mexican restaurant for years as well…I actually was hoping that the space where Hanca’s is going would be a Mex Rest. I am willing to give Honca’s a try but let’s face it neighbors…they only serve beer and teas…not exactly a real night spot rocker…w/out the beer and wine selection (doesn’t have to be a full bar…although that would be nice) you will loose the nightlife..
    Maybe they can put a Mex Rest where Fortune House is or the doomed Jap restaurant on Montague Street near Henry Street. As neighbors do we get a vote? Hopefully we won’t see another bank, real estate agency or nail salon occupy any of those spaces.

  • Lou

    Sushi Gallery is/was in the St. George train station on the Clark side. I liked buying sushi there. They let my son stand on the chairs and watch it get made. Always polite but also always very few people there.

    Last time my wife got food from Iron Chef she was sick for a week. That was a long time ago, though.

    I cast another vote for GOOD mexican. Not just a place trying to get people to spend money on Margaritas.

  • Hugh

    I can’t believe we are getting another Italian restaurant where Taze was. See awnings for “Oh My Pasta” now there. Wasn’t really a big fan of Taze, but please, another pasta place?

    I am glad we are getting a Hanco on Montague too. It’s Asian, but definitely could use a good Vietnamese place with banh mis and some nice pho. Nicky’s is a bit far on Atlantic to make it a regular place to go to. I agree – a nice mexican place would be a realistic addition and also great for the neighb.

  • Alex

    I heard rumours that they were robbed (sushi gallery). I think it’s a shame to rob such hard working people who built up something on their own… I hope they are ok…! The sushi was great and the staff always friendly…

  • Nikki

    Anyone have any leads on why the restaurants are closing?

  • Someone

    Voting for a German or belgium restaurant with a good selection of beers.

  • Tclinton11201

    Someone, Henry Street Ale House has the beer selection and the good casual food is nicely priced!

  • resident

    Can Oh My Pasta be any worse than the italian places on Montague?

  • Rachel

    I rarely post here but I’m sad about Sushi Gallery. Great food and nice people. I hope someone’s right about vacation. Also enjoyed being able to pick-up something quick on the way home from the subway.

    Totally agree about needing a good Mexican place and I’m annoyed another pasta place is going-up where the Turkish restaurant used to be. Do we really need another Italian place? Three on one block should be enough.

  • Pierrepont

    Wouldn’t you swear it’s suicide to open a pasta joint upstairs, and across the street from several other Italian eateries? Can it really hope to outgun Queen, at the high end, or Armando’s and Buon Gusto in the mid-range?

    I know banks are flush with money to lend, but that looks like a crazy investment to me.

    Agree with a swath of folks looking for quality Mexican. That would be a winner — even upstairs on Montague!

  • GHB

    Didn’t we trash Oh My Pasta when the name was first announced? Horrible name! Mexican would be my first choice, or a good barbecue place. Can’t indulge too often, but what I wouldn’t give for a good rack of babybacks!

  • Monty

    I am holding out hope that Oh My Pasta is not a restaurant, but rather a church of Pastafarianism.

  • DABpierrepont

    For the German food (and great atmosphere) it’s not that far to Berlyn across from BAM.

  • Hicks St Guy

    @C, can’t have cajun/creole, the wimp stomachs in the Heights can’t handle it.