Open Thread Wednesday 8/24/11

BHB Photo Club pic by m.diane.johnson via Flickr

What’s on your mind? Comment away and keep it on the road!

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  • Mickey

    Homer, I think you got the date wrong.

  • Claude Scales

    Copy editor to the rescue, completing the job by clicking on the “update” button.

  • Elmer Fudd

    Nice photo!

  • lori

    Husband just got home from 6 cold, rainy weeks in Norway – checked the cumulative thermometer we have and couldn’t believe it had hit 103 here in Brooklyn Heights. The important thing was that we didn’t have a blackout as a result of the temps – now it’s only earthquakes and hurricanes to worry about.

  • bklyn20

    Over the weekend I heard from Allen at Housing Works on Montague Street that they need volunteers, The volunteers would help spruce up the store fpr the new fall stuff coming in. I am tempted, so I can get a look at the new clothes coming in, but must stick to my day job for now. Allen can often be found behind the counter, or call the store at (718) 237-0521.

  • M

    I’m looking to get some basic alterations done on a long satin bridesmaid dress for an upcoming wedding. Does anyone have a tailor in the neighborhood that they recommend for being reliable and reasonably priced?


  • lcd

    Anyone been to Catania on Atlantic Ave? Can you byob?

  • Tclinton11201

    Icd, not sure for byob, but good food (some traditional Italian dry cookies) and great coffees there.

  • Joe gemignani

    Hello Homer,
    Just got back to Asheville NC from NY, and spent a good bit of time in the heights. Just love it there. (Always Have)We are starting to get our selves set up to move back to NY and the heights is where we want to be. I was born and raised on 16 st and 5th ave and lived there for over 30 years then 30 years in Miami FL and now Asheville NC. Getting closer. I have kept in close contact with what goes on in NY and would go up there about 6 times a year. Just want to say, I love your blog and read it every day.

    Thank You, JoeG

  • princess

    M, I’d like to find that tailor too. Bklyn20, thanks for the tip about volunteering.

  • Big Dave

    No more 64 ounce cartons of juice… we have lost one breakfast glass per carton, now down to 59 ounces, though they look like the old 2 quart versions. Same price for less juice. Comments?

  • GHB

    Notice some new “SENDER” tags in the North Heights…at least I think they’re new. I though they got rid of that d-bag a while ago?
    Also noticed sanitation guys on Middagh this morning emptying cans and then just tossing them back, lying on the sidewalk, in the curb, covers strewn about. I always thought they were a little more careful about that.

  • Mickey

    Dave, it reminds me of what they started doing with coffee cans 20 years ago. Remember when a can was a pound of coffee? Then it became 15 ounces … now it’s 12 ounces.

  • AEB

    So, my thought is that Fortune House is involved in some sort of strategy whereby indefinitely suspending business operations (under the guise of doing renovations) somehow works in its favor in re the suing delivery guys.

    Any labor lawyers out there, or others, who can enlighten?

  • AnnOfOrange

    More about shrinking packaging — Have you noticed that “pints” of ice cream are now 14 ounces and that toilet paper is narrower and has a larger center tube?

  • Big Dave

    ..and yet we humans are not shrinking, as least not this human…

  • Big Dave

    Orange juice cartons,
    Like a day without sunshine,
    Sometimes less is less.

  • Hicks St Guy

    @M & Princess, I really like the fellow in the St George Hotel, has done exquisite work for me & the wife in the past. probably get the inevitable replies on this blog putting him down, but there.

  • AnnOfOrange

    Alterations: I second Hicks St Guy’s recommendation. The quality of the work is skillful; the language barrier can be significant. Be sure that they know exactly what you need/want done, consider an interim fitting, and get a firm date well in advance of the occasion.

  • El

    I third the guy in St George next to the subway! I got the recommendation from here and brought in a dress to get the (wide, satin) straps shortened. Not terribly complicated stuff, but I was happy with the results and it wasn’t expensive. I can’t remember the exact price, but certainly no more than $30.

  • zburch

    Just dropped off some pants at the tailor in St George….so can’t comment yet, but he was recommended.

    Speaking of shrinking packaging and getting less for more…I recently had to ship a large package and got a quote from UPS online. It would cost me $19.80 with a FREE pickup at my house the next day. I thought I would just drop it off and went to the UPS store on Montague and they quoted me $54.00! I asked why it was so much more than doing it online and they had no explanation other than “that is what we charge”. I already packaged and labeled the box. Be sure to check rates online before shipping something through the franchise.

  • AEB

    I’ve used the tailor in the St. George and have been satisfied with his work every time.

    His prices are, however, high. I’ve had success in negotiating them down some but not all of the time.

  • GHB

    zburch, those franchise UPS stores are a ripoff. They tried to charge me some outrageous amount for packing tape. Don’t remember how much, but I did tell them what to do with their tape and bought it elsewhere.

  • AmyinBH

    Would anyone like to share what BH is like in a strong hurricane? I have experienced them out in the suburbs, but not BH. One senario is Irene will hit the New York Metro area hard.

  • BeeBop Search

    We will be searching Willowtown for BeeBop tomorrow and Friday if anybody is interested. 917-837-6899. Thank you.

  • A Neighbor

    Good tailor for men and women — Joseph — next door to Century 21 on Cortland St. There is usually a sign on the sidewalk. Great prices. I have used him for years — and you can stop into Century afterwards.

  • Y

    @ Dave: The 59 ounce thing happened probably over a year ago. Like so many other things like cans of tuna.

  • Sad Neighbor

    Hi Cathy: I know this is just a shot but I was walking in Cobble Hill and I saw a sign for a lost cat… I called the lady and asked her to call you but I don’t see her posting. Her number is:7188558656 and her name is Pam
    Good luck and good luck with your search on Willow Street

  • Sad Neighbor

    Sorry Cathy…number is 718 855 8645

  • BeeBop Search

    Thanks SN. Did you mean a “Found” cat. I can’t handle another missing cat. But, it’s Willow Place, not Willow Street. Heights Players is on Willow Place.