Reminder: Film Festival This Weekend

Just a reminder that The Art of Brooklyn film festival kicks off tomorrow at St. Francis College on 180 Remsen St. And the first film up is a 25-minute version of “The These Knishes Could Talk,” my documentary on the New York accent. Hope you all can make it, especially since you’ve seen postings about it for over a year now, and are probably wondering what the heck these knishes are saying already. Tickets can be bought here or at the door, and the festival runs through August 27th.

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  • AL

    What’s the thinking behind someone taking a razor to the untaped center of the film festival posters and then tearing it out?

  • AL

    Yipes!!! Initial post incorrect. I was so upset at the seeming vandalism that I went out to explore the situation further. The posters apparently were printed with WATER SOLUBLE INK that got WASHED OFF by last night’s rain. The only ink remaining is that covered by the clear tape on all four sides. Too bad the posters now blank but so glad not a result of vandalism.

  • Matt s

    Will there be any other screenings of the knish film at another venue?