Open Thread Wednesday 8/17/11

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  • Melissa

    I second My Little Pizzeria. In fact, had it tonight.

  • Verizon

    What’s the reward for BeeBop? I mean, I’m not saying that we have him but IF WE DID, hypothetically, what’s it worth to ya?

  • PierrepontSkin

    My Little Pizzeria rules. Definitely go there, even when Fascati’s is open. It’s another GOOD pizzeria in the Heights.

  • BeeBop


  • Monty

    Re: Pizza, both Fatoosh and Tutt Cafe make very good little pizzas on their fresh pita bread. Bonus is that you can pizza and falafel in one order.

    @Daddy Dearest, I spotted that hasidic bike mom joining the Verizon protest whilst letting her dog poop on the sidewalk. She then opened some chain stores and turned Brooklyn into Long Island.

  • BeeBop

    Let’s bring BeeBop home for Labor Day. Let’s just say he had a summer adventure… NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

  • Alana

    @Jenna what exactly would you like to chat about? I’m a bit confused.

  • MM

    For as long as I’ve lived in Bk Heights, I’ve had a question about the Clark St elevators. There are buttons for each elevator. Does each button call each individual elevator or will pressing one of the buttons just call whatever elevator is available? Anyone know? For all this time I’ve never known whether pressing just one button is enough or I should be pressing all three.

    And here’s to Beebop being home well before Labor Day!

  • GHB

    Gotta press all three

  • Gerry

    The guy on the bike with NO helmut weaving in and out of traffic while riding on Chambers Street in rush hour traffic the blinding sun setting to the west in my eyes as I drive a HUGE 8 ton SUV could be killed or even worse injured/disabled for life.

    I have read several articles in the New York Times about bike riders being injured by cars and trucks in NYC.

    The infastructure here in NYC is NOT good for bike riders.

    These bike riders and groups like Transportation Alternatives are working to fill a round hole with a square peg and NYC remains dangerous for bike riders.

    And speaking of holes the fact that he had no safety helmut on is part of why I feel he is an *sshole.

    Good thing for the bike rider that I am a cautious driver and I did not hit him.

  • Mickey

    On the Clark Street elevators: I’ve always been amused by the fact that there’s a sign saying that only two elevators are in service during non-peak hours but they don’t tell you which two. As GHB just confirmed, gotta press all three, so which one am I wasting my time on at this time of day (1:20PM)?

  • Painintheshoulder

    Anyone know of a physical therapist they can recommend for shoulder / neck issues? Preferably in the Heights?


  • Hicks St Guy

    my experience says you don’t have to press all 3 buttons, I just
    push one, and others respond. what I love is when you’ve pressed
    the button, and later arrivals press the same button, like you’re
    standing there for the scenery or something.

  • Hicks St Guy

    @Painintheshoulder, Allen Bistrong, office at Joralemon & Clinton,
    old school physical therapy, has fixed my back & neck issues.
    very highly recommended, a/k/a Brooklyn Heights Physical Therapy.

  • MM

    @HicksStGuy I often find people do that at R station on Court St too, maybe because the button doesn’t light up? Either way, I’m always tempted to turn to them and ask “Do you think I’m stupid and don’t realize that I need to push the button for the elevator to appear?”

  • Painintheshoulder

    @Hicks St Guy – Thanks for this. I really appreciate it.

    He’s one of the addresses I was given on a list of people in the area. I mean, with a name like “Bistrong” how can he be bad, right?

  • BeeBop

    IF BeeBop is hiding in your house, I thank you profusely for feeding him and giving him shelter. You will never get him in his carrier. I BEG YOU. Call me, I’ll come get him, you get paid, and that’s the end of it. I’ll never post about BeeBop again! BeeBop and I have a driver ready to take us up to Maine to be with his brothers who miss him dearly.. THANK S EVERYBODY.

  • Arch Stanton

    The buttons do nothing they’re just there as a placebo. the elevators run on random timers.

  • ES

    Anyone know what’s going on with Sushi Gallery at Clark Street? They’ve been closed at least a week.

  • JM

    Just back from my daily walk past the Verizon “thugs” on Montague.
    As I wearily approached the menacing group (the air itself actually wreaked of Cadillac health plans and triple figure salaries), 1 red shirted hooligan, wielding a large pointed sense of entitlement, accosted me by saying “excuse me sir please support us in our fight with Verizon and handed me a flyer. I reached out my trembling hand, and using my street smarts, told the goon I supported the workers in their struggle. That seemed to disorient the brut enough to enable my desperate escape as he screamed at me (in a diabolically hushed tone “thank you sir, we appreciate your support”) I walked away in the deafening silence the protesters were making, fearing for my life!
    Homer, do you offer Post Traumatic Stress therapy?
    I honestly don’t know how I’ll ever recover from the “terror” of it all. Can’t Homeland Security just round these terrorists up and save us?
    Please Mr Fink help us…….

  • David on Middagh

    ^ A close shave!

  • gc

    Kudos to JM!! Power to the People!!!

  • JAFO

    You hit a Homer with that one JM.
    Sorry I bit your shtick Nabeguy.

  • Matthew Parker

    @JM: You should be considered for the next open writer position on the Jon Stewart show. Brilliant use of wit with a soupçon of sarcasm to drive through your righteousness. Bravo.

  • T.K. Small

    I’m still confused. Is Homer a Tea Party/Ayn Rand inspired villain or a card carrying member of the Communist Party?

  • Qfwfq

    TK, he’s all that and more. He’s also a fascist, a socialist neo-con, a hippy-punching hippy, and a log cabin republican.

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    Re: Beebop
    I passed Clark Pet this morning and I could swear that there was a picture of Beebop in the window one week ago.
    The poster/picture is gone!!!!
    You should call Clark Pet to find out why they took down Beebop’s “missing” poster.

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    Pet Snatching is up 32%. The economy is bad and pets are being snatched and sold.
    This is a shocking statistic. For those pet owners who think it is safe to tie their pet up while they are grocery shopping, sitting in Starbucks, etc. etc.
    Think again!

  • mlo

    Whats the name of the Italian restaurant on Front St? Has anyone tried 7 Old Fulton? the food is really good there also and they have agreat cocktail menu at the bar.
    Another good place is Catania where Reginella used to be on Atlantic. The guy is from Sicily and makes everything fresh- Try the rice balls- light inside and crisp on the outside – not like the heavy dense cannon balls at most places. HE has a variety of filings as well. He told me in thetown he comes from they make over 23 varieties. Oh and the Sicilian cauliflower!! He makes authentic Sicilian fare with capers and anchovies and sardines and tuna and olives- all fresh and the desserts and pastry are great too. Insane are the cannoli! If anyone goes let me know what you think..
    Karl maybe you can do a post and a video- the guy is really cool and the food is great.
    A wonderful addition to the nabe.

  • JM

    Thanks Mr Parker…from your lips to Comedy Central’s ears!
    Wait…I wouldn’t have to join a union would I?