Open Thread Wednesday 8/17/11

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  • BklynJace

    Here’s a random one: On Henry Street just north of Montague, there’s a backyard protected by concertina wire. I know the Heights was once a somewhat scruffier place, but every time I walk by there I think, “Concertina wire? Really? What is this, Mogadishu?”

    Relic of an earlier age? Smart protective device? Some history I don’t know about?

  • Freddie

    I have a question about those large garbage bins that show up on the streets whenever someone is doing work in their apartment / house. Where do you get a permit for one of those and is the size of the bin related to the scope of the renovations? It seems that so many bins are popping up these days taking up valuable parking space.

  • Stillhere


    When you request a dumpster (10,20, or 30 yards) from any of the providers and intend to place it on the street you must pay the city for a ‘parking’ permit for each week. The dumpster provider arranges the permit with the city. I recently rented a 10 yd dumpster and paid 75$ for five days.

  • Ginny

    Would like to see bicycle riders required to have “riding” licenses issued by the city, maybe for $5. This would be another income source for the city and perhaps encourage bike riders to be more cautious and respectful of traffic laws (and pedestrians, who are the most vulnerable with respect to reckless riders).

  • Flashlight Worthy

    Not only must you pay a fee to the city for the dumpster but the cost of renting it and disposing of it it dependent on its size and how long you have it. With that in mind, people tend not to get one any larger than they need or keep it longer than they have to.

  • Alana

    @Ginny I completely agree as I am walking in the bike lane on Clinton Street as there is no other choice because of street repairs this morning and got a violent biker ready to knock me over instead of slowing down/ getting off of his bike …

  • PierrepontSkin

    @Alana, maybe instead of walking in the bike lane, you should have crossed the street to the other sidewalk. I know that there isn’t THAT much construction.

    No shot will that ever happen. Ride on and ride free!

    And before anyone says anything, I ride with a helmet, I ride with traffic, and I obey all traffic laws.

  • Matthew Parker

    Municipal Building being turned into a mall, with “trendy” restaurant.

  • Alana

    @Lisa next time I will take your advice. @PierrepontSkin not sure if you know the block but the construction is right at the turn onto Tillary. Why should I have to cross when I don’t need to be on the other side of the street.. The Ahole could’ve easily rode his bike along with traffic for the few feet of sidewalk construction.

  • DrewB

    Could you relink? I’d like to read the article, but your link goes to a story about Brooklyn dog napping…

    @ Pierpont, I think it is ridiculous to expect someonre to move all the way across Tillary just to avoid a few feet of sidewalk construction. Bikers are always concerned about sharing the road, seems like they could accommodate this. I do agree that there is no way the city is going to require Bike licenses, and licensing bicycles does seem a bit draconian to me. However I wish they would enforce the existing laws so that inconsiderate bikers who endanger pedestrians by breaking the law are punished. It sounds like you are a law abiding rider, so I’m sure you’d agree that those who don’t follow the laws should face some reprisal.

  • WillowtownCop

    Are there any Thursday alternate side blocks in the Heights? Looking to store a car for a week. They’re all Tuesday and Wednesday around me.

  • Tclinton11201
  • DrewB

    Thanks. I found it eventually. I must say that developers history does not instill much confidence.

  • north heights res

    Willowtown Cop, none in the Heights, but plenty in Cobble Hill, just below Atlantic.

  • Gerry

    These bike riders can be so dumb!

    I often drive west on Chambers Street in rush hour the sun glare in my eyes I am driving an 8 ton SUV truck and in front of me is some Transportaion Alterantives *sshole pretending to be a car doing his dumb hand signals – these are bike riders and NOT cars get the heck off of Chambers Street at rush hour before you get killed.

    And the bike rider doing his hand signals in the middle of Chambers Street had NO safety helmut on his head go figure?

  • AmyinBH

    I am sad to hear about the “mall” in the municipal building. Minimum wage jobs, teens hanging out causing trouble and more “things” made in foreign countries to buy. What trendy restaurant would possibly want to be in a mall? Is Olive Garden Trendy? Or perhaps Red Lobster? I admit my advanced age prevents me from keeping current with popular trends.

  • PeterB

    I posted this last week, but late in the week so it didn’t get any traction: has anyone been to the new Italian restaurant on Front Street (where the General Store and Hecho en Dumbo used to be)? Heard that two Noodle Pudding exiles opened it, but I haven’t heard much feedback.

  • GHB

    @Gerry: “had NO safety helmut on his head”

    What is that, some kind of protective German headgear?

  • Hicks St Guy

    @Gerry, bicyclist has as much right as you to be there. 8 Ton SUV, just for commuting purposes, perhaps, and you call the bicyclist an a-hole?

  • Daddy Dearest

    The other day there was a Hasidic mom, riding her bike without a helmet, ignoring the traffic signals, walking her dog and pushing her stroller while going into Starbucks while she talked loudly on her cell phone. Forgot to mention that this was on a Sunday and when she left Starbucks, she must have been visiting a friend in Church so she piled her bike/dog/kid/stroller into a huge SUV drove 2 blocks and parked in front of the Church ignoring the no parking signs and didn’t get ticketed.

    Did I leave anyone out on this fine open thread day? ;-)

  • harumph

    @Daddy Dearest – what about the dumpsters??

  • Wallard

    Proposed solution for all of those whining about the Verizon picket. Pledge money to the marriage-equality/planned parenthood/anti-fracking clipboard solicitors on Montague between Henry and Hicks, on the condition that they walk down the block to ask for matching gifts from the assembled union members outside the Verizon Wireless storefront. Possible outcomes: 1) entire picket flees in terror, or 2) clipboard gang beaten down and union toughs hauled off in bracelets. Either way, an improvement, no?

  • AEB

    Daddy: Great Wall. (Admittedly a thing, not a person, but perhaps Mitt can re-anoint….)

  • Wrennie

    This is off-topic, but why must Fascati close for an entire month? Where else is there a good place to grab a slice? And don’t say Monty Q’s because that basically should just be called Sbarro.

  • GHB

    Wrennie, I think they all go back to Italy in August. Been doing it forever…

  • David on Middagh

    Wrennie, it’s not in the North Heights, but how about My Little Pizzeria on Court St. (State & Atlantic)?

  • BeeBop

    I am still missing. If anybody sees me or knows anything, call my mommy at 917-837-6899 anytime of day. REWARD and NO QUESTIONS ASKED. I hear she can be here in an hour to get me.

  • EHinBH

    The municipal building development is bad news. Nothing good will come there — it was better empty. It will not be a mall — will likely be a cheap furniture store and a big restaurant — my guess is a grill of some sort. If the movie theatre would close down, would be a blessing.

  • T.K. Small

    @Daddy Dearest: You forgot that she didn’t clean up after her dog.

  • Brooklynite

    @PeterB…. a member of my family went there the other day and said it was delicious. like how noodle pudding “used to be”