Open Thread Wednesday 8/10/11

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  • AEB

    Yes, Heightsman. And, anybody, what news about Fortune House? I mean, let’s get back to the REALLY important stuff.

  • Topham Beauclerk


    No, I don’t specialize in Hasidim. I loathe the Christian and Muslim variety of religious zealotry as well. If I should seem to pick on the Hasidim to the exclusion of other orthodoxies, it’s because we live in New York and the Hasidim are more of a menace here. If we lived in, say, the Bible Belt – Zeus forbid – I’m sure I’d have a thing or two to say about Christian zealots.

    I will repeat: all good liberals must despise orthodoxy.

  • Hicks St Guy

    the Fortune House situation has prompted me to dine at Ozu: pretty damn good, cheap drinks, but not as cheap as FH. also went to Lantern, which, imho, is really good. I do not get it with the popularity of Fascati’s, besides individual taste.

  • Livingston

    FYI — interesting article in the WSJ on the new arts corridor developing in Downtown & Boerum Hill (more welcoming than DUMBO, I guess). Talks about Roulette opening on Atlantic Avenue (saw them painting the signage last week and was curious about this new development).

    I realize this isn’t technically BH, but it’s a lot closer than that KJ stuff above.

  • GHB

    “The incidence of retardation is high among Hasids because of inbreeding.”

    Topham, what’s your excuse?

  • Heightsman

    Regarding Fascati’s: Their regular pie has gone downhill but here’s the trick…..order it with extra cheese and it will taste like the old one.

    I am also guilty of enjoying the back and forth today on the thread and actually learned something about Kiryas Joel.

    Is Fortune House still closed? My options are dwindling.

  • DrewB

    Religion aside,

    Promenading is correct that you cannot be arrested for taking photographs on a public street. And you do not have to present ID to ANY official when you are on public property, committing no crime.

    it is hard from the video to determine what these people were doing. But if they were simply walking around town shooting video and taking pictures then they are fully within their rights. The “constable” has no right to touch them, stop them or ask for ID under those circumstances.

  • epc

    Fascati’s is closed through the end of the month (I think) starting last Monday (8/8).

  • Arch Stanton

    Open thread means open thread, there is no “hijacking” by posting comments on non Heights issues. That being said:

  • Raisincat

    @PierrepontSkin Open Thread on here has been garbage for awhile now. The blog would be better off without it.

  • Caitlin Heikkila

    Are there more robberies in Brooklyn Heights lately? I recently got robbed on Henry Street between near State and Joralemon. Check it out:

  • harumph

    @Raisincat then why are your reading and responding to it?

  • David on Middagh

    @Raisincat – Open Thread is one of my favorite Brooklyn Heights Blog features. That is why I would like not to see it become the home of repeated religious debate.

    I believe if there were no Open Thread, the other comment areas would tend to go off-topic even more than they do. (I could be wrong…)

  • Curmudgeon


    Just as an aside, the site on photography freedom that you posted applies to the UK and, while I may agree it makes perfect sense, many of the rights, permissions and protections it describes may just not apply in the USA and State of New York

  • T.K. Small

    I agree with DOM. The open thread is my favorite, even if some people get “stuck on stupid”. Good stuff always prevails!

    Given the number of people that live in Brooklyn Heights who work in the financial industry and, the fact that you can see Wall Street from the Promenade, I’m curious how people are surviving the recent volatility.

  • PeterB

    While I know this should technically be on a DUMBO blog, I heard today that a few former Noodle Pudding employees opened up an Italian restaurant down on Front Street (where Hecho used to be). Any intel on that? Would be interested to hear more.

  • promenading

    @Hicks St Guy:

    Inane comments like yours render this blog useless. How many times can we debate who sells the best cupcakes on Court Street & other tripe?


    Don’t you live like a block or 2 from said park? Ever hear of INVESTIGATING/OBSERVING/REPORTING someone?

    @PierrepontSkin, GHB, AEB, Hick St Guy, Raisincat & other politically-correct sheeple:

    I don’t need to condone a nearby town being turned into some sick police state for religious fanatics!

    Furthermore, I would rightly be charged with child abuse if I dressed my kids in bizarre clothes & hairdos, brainwashed them with all sorts of superstitions, fairy tales, creationisms, & told them that they were the chosen ones (i.e., everyone else is inferior), etc. etc. How do these kooks get away with it??? Oh, it’s their cult, I mean religion, so it’s okay?


    Here’s a link with U.S. rights to photograph in public

  • DrewB

    @ Curmudgeon

    The right of photographers in US are nearly identical to UK:

    Basically in US there is no “Expectation of privacy” as long as you are in Public view. Which means as a photographer I can stand on a public street and take pictures of anything that can been seen by the naked eye. When you start pulling out telephoto lens and peering in people’s windows, you are crossing a line. But walking on the street taking pictures of buildings, private property and even other people on the public street is 100% protected under the law.

  • DrewB

    In case you don’t feel like reading everything on that site here are the points most pertinent to this discussion:

    “The general rule in the United States is that anyone may take photographs of whatever they want when they are in a public place or places where they have permission to take photographs. Absent a specific legal prohibition such as a statute or ordinance, you are legally entitled to take photographs. Examples of places that are tradition- ally considered public are streets, sidewalks, and public parks.”

    “Property owners may legally prohibit photography on their premises but have no right to prohibit others from photographing their property from other locations.” (ie the street)

    “Members of the public have a very limited scope of privacy rights when they are in public places. Basically, anyone can be photographed without their consent except when they have secluded themselves in places where they have a reasonable expectation of privacy such as dressing rooms, restrooms, medical facilities, and inside their homes.”

    “You are under no obligation to explain the purpose of your photography nor do you have to disclose your identity except in states that require it upon request by a law enforcement officer.”

  • Homer Fink

    Folks, it’s a good time to review our Terms of Service, especially regarding comments:

  • RF

    Looks like C-rated Amin on Montague is history — brown paper covering the windows.
    I asked a man going into the Hanco’s Vietnamese sandwich/bubble tea spot when they’ll open and he said about two weeks. Free WiFi there too. Hope their bread is good — the freshness and the crunch are important. I haven’t been to the CH spot.

  • Nancy

    For those who care and were not aware, Stanley Bosworth, founder of St. Ann’s School, passed away this weekend. I thank him for creating the St. Ann’s School.

  • RF

    @Nancy about Stanley Bosworth: I second that.

  • David on Middagh

    I went to a pan-Asian restaurant in Park Slope this weekend. Curry: delicious. Bathrooms: sinkless. Sanitation grade, noticed on way out: B.

  • bornhere

    RF – I noticed Amin’s new curtains last night. I actually liked the food there, but I always felt a bit edged that I couldn’t see very well there. I love moody, but Amin was a bit extreme. Now what will we get?

    And regarding the earlier doings on this thread — there are loads of blogs that cater to key opinion leaders like promenading, Topham, and other deep thinkers. If given the choice between beating to death the relative merits of cupcakes or human beings, I choose cupcakes.

  • You Heard It

    A sinkless bathroom ??? How is that legal?? And they still get a “B”?? What must one do to get less than a “B” I wonder? Speaking of “B” grades – – I heard that is what Grimaldi’s has.

    I agree that Fascati’s has gone way down – – I hardly ever order from them any more, but, Ignazio’s in Dumbo is fantastic. It is like oulling teeth to get them to deliver though.

    @ Willowtown Cop, sorry to hear about your bike. I also drive an SUV, and am always super nervous when parking next to a motorcycle. Wish I had the nerve to drive one though as street parking sucks!

  • David on Middagh

    You Heard It, I am just crossing my fingers that there was another bathroom for employees in the kitchen area.

  • Monty

    Maybe there’s something wrong with me, but I think Fascati is better than ever. Thin, crispy crust. I ordered a bunch for a party and everyone loved it. Ozu, on the other hand, was nearly inedible. Maybe I ordered the wrong thing.

  • Teddy

    Caitlin, the Heights has always been a magnet for petty crime since I was a kid growing up here in the 80s. The problem is the quaint streets and nice people who live here can lull you into a false sense of security. I currently own a 5-year-old LG feature phone that’s long overdue to be replaced. I also own a 3rd gen iPod Touch which has taken care of my iOS/app needs for the past 2 years.

    I’m waiting for Apple to release the iPhone 5 next month and I’m slightly worried about holding one in my hand on the street with opportunistic eyes around. Unfortunately, you can’t use earphones/bluetooth to check your e-mail or apps. Maybe we’ll get this someday so theft won’t be an issue anymore:

  • RF

    @hicks street guy: what did you order at Ozu? I have only had their food once, and the rolls were really weird. Have you ever ordered any straight-up sushi or sashimi? Need to know if it’s fresh. All the mayo and glop in those rolls disguises a lot. Seaweed salad is a safe bet, though, and Iron Chef has a good one.