Open Thread Wednesday 8/10/11

What’s on your mind? Comment away!

BHB Photo Club pic by nystrele

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  • Stillhere

    Interesting editorial in the News about the recent park funding plan:

  • Get Off My Lawn

    Ooh! Can we talk about the Verizon strike? I’m for the side that’s not screaming into a bullhorn all day long, across the street from my apartment on Montague Street. What is this, Billy Elliot? Shut up and get back to work. You woke up my baby.

  • NY2BK

    Are the posters of the Romeo & Juliet performance going to remove their taped-up advertisements from all around the neighborhood?

  • WillowtownCop

    I’d like to know what kind of person would run over someone’s parked motorcycle on Columbia Place Saturday night (parked with a good several feet between cars- anyone with any business driving should easily had been able to get out) with enough force to snap screws and bend metal parts, pick the bike up and pile the broken parts on top, and then just leave. Why not just be a total %$#&* coward and leave it in the street? You did $300 in damage that I have to pay for. I suspect it was a recently moved here entitled yuppy marshmallow type with a giant unnecessary SUV with out of state plates that will never be changed. A real neighbor who cares anything about their neighborhood or anyone besides themselves wouldn’t have done something like that.

  • harumph

    @getoffmylawn – there are actually two things that have been bothering my on Montague lately – and yes, one of them are the loud group of men in red chanting all day (my kids came home from camp chanting CWA…not knowing why!) the other, and I know I’ll get a lot of crap for this, is the newspaper guy on the corner of Henry. He has a shiny, huge new stand but there is always debris all around it…it ALWAYS looks like a mess. What gives?

  • KISS

    Last week I was walking on Montague Street toward the Promenade when I noticed a new “installation” on the north side of the street, just east of the intersection at Pierrepont Plaza — a permanent (hideous) informational marker, evidently intended for tourists. Really? Must we resign ourselves to the Disneyfication of our neighborhood? Help, BHA!

  • Gerry

    Does anyone remember when Booklyn Union Gas was on strike in 1986 and the union chanting:


    After 13 long weeks the union that had been locked out settled for less than what they went out for and BUG was known as the KISS MY *SS company

  • Gerry

    Officer WillowtownCop,

    For a number of valid reasons I drive a huge SUV and most of the time parking is not a problem for me because I hold a NYC Parking Placard but I find it hard to see things like motorcycles and when i am in reverse this is really difficult – good thing my new model has a camera the older car did not.

    I dont think that it is a good idea for you to park your motorcycle on any street.

    And I am sad that someone damaged your bike had this been me i would have left a note with my name and number.

  • Ari


    I do feel bad that some jerkoff caused damage to your bike.

    However, there are a plethora of moped owners – specifically in Willowtown – that park their bikes that quite often knock out what would otherwise be a viable parking spot for a car. Its incredibly inconsiderate and selfish.

    Regardless of whether a moped or a motorcycle is entitled to commandeer a full sized spot, its totally bad karma. Much like a car taking up the entire space that would otherwise serve two cars.

    Not endorsing parking vigilantism or intentional property damage, but some bike owners have no respect of the fact that people also need to park their cars in the shared space on our streets.

    And finally, you are at your own peril. The rear bumper of my car is completely scratched and dented up. There are so many careless drivers – local and out of state yuppies – the feel that playing bumper cars is an acceptable way to get in and out of spots. I hate it, but its the reality of parking in this environment. All bike owners need to be cognizant of that reality as well.

  • Topham Beauclerk


    We’re in your debt for alerting us to this obvious abuse of power: more Hasidic vileness.

  • WillowtownCop

    @ Ari- when I park, there might have been a larger car in the spot next to me. When it moves and a smaller car parks there, it looks like the bike is in the middle of a spot. Most people who drive bikes would not park in the middle of a spot because people push bikes over, leave nasty notes, run them over, or in one case, put mustard and glitter on the seat. My bike takes up less than 2 feet of space. Some larger SUVs take up almost 20. If you don’t fit there, you can’t park there, if it’s a smaller car or a bike taking up “your” space. Drive a smaller vehicle if it annoys you that others got there first and parked perfectly legally and with enough consideration to not take up more than their fair share of space.

  • AEB

    Ah, Topham, what would Wednesday be without your hate?

    Really, it’s Pavlovian: mention or allude to things Jewish and off you go. Sort of like having Tourette’s, except in your case, the choice NOT to speak is possible.

  • AEB

    Oh, stop it, promenading! He’s not making a political point: he’s antisemitic, as many of his previous posts have proven.

    Furthermore, the arrest, whether right or wrong, had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the religion of the guy hovering in the frame.Or were the people–you among them?–who refused to give ID detained because suspicious activity was (apparently) reported by a Jew?

  • AEB

    So, promenading, the religion of the person making the complaint was an issue in re the arrest?

    That is, his Jewishness resulted in your (presumably) being arrested?

  • David on Middagh

    Oh, no. Let’s please not let this Wednesday’s Open Thread be hijacked by this same religious debate.

  • Mickey

    I disagree that the arrest was dead wrong. Certain things have changed since 9/11. [Did you know that it’s illegal to photograph a bridge from underneath?] So when people start photographing community buildings and detailed maps of the area the State Police have a right, if not an obligation, to ask who they are and what they are doing. People in vacation towns are particularly leery of strangers after what happened in rural Norway las month.

    All these five people had to do was show who they were and state that they were area tourists and they would have been on their way. But no, they had to be obnoxious with two cops.

    Imagine the outcry if one of the photographed buildings was blown up in the following days and people knew that the perpetrators were stopped by police, refused to show ID, and the officer just said “Okay, goodbye strangers.” People would be calling for the officer’s badge, calling for his own arrest.

    If asked for ID by a State Police officer, you are required to produce it since it’s also how they find many people with outstanding warrants for serious crimes. Remember that a parking ticket led to the Son of Sam killer’s capture.

  • AEB

    promenading, what’s the test for religious zealotry? Or, the state’s test?

    To put it another way, at what point is the state “capitulating” to religious zealotry?

  • AEB

    Thank you, Mickey.

  • GHB

    AEB, you beat me to it this week! What’s an open thread without Topham spewing his very special brand of hate?

  • WillowtownCop

    I didn’t watch the video and I’m not going to comment on it because it has nothing to do with Brooklyn Heights- the subject of this blog.

    It seems to me it was posted to bait a known racist into making racist comments that have nothing to do with the neighborhood.

    Why hijack an open thread like that?

  • Topham Beauclerk

    Those obviously non-Jewish cops are paid by the local community which is exclusively composed of the Satmar Hasidim, the charming people who make South Williamsburg such a delightful place. Since that handsome young man and his equally handsome girlfriend were not members of the tribe, they were reflexively thought to be up to no good. I wonder how those Hasids would like it if they were chased away when they wander into areas where they don’t belong. I believe the Nazis did precisely that.


    You really must learn to make a distinction between Jews and Hasids. I’m not anti- Semitic though I am proudly anti-Hasid and will do everything in my power to marginalize them even more than they have already marginalized themselves. I despise arrogant orthodoxy.

  • AEB

    Unfortunately, GHB, not so “special.” All too common….

  • Topham Beauclerk


    There’s no need to imagine whether or not cops in KJ are on the take. The cops in KJ are in the employ of Hasids and necessarily do the bidding of their employers.

    Kiryas Joel or City of Joel is made up exclusively of members of the Satmar Hasidic sect. I seem to recall they wanted state or county funds to educate their retarded offspring in their religious schools and were annoyed when the state or county said no. The incidence of retardation is high among Hasids because of inbreeding.

  • AEB

    Will you also do “everything in [your] power,” Topham, to “marginalize” Christian or Muslim fundamentalists as well?

    Or do you specialize in Hasidim, principally?

  • Hicks St Guy

    Topham and Promenading make this blog a real downer to read. I hope they crawl back under their respective rocks and log out. please.

  • sky

    once again, my “thumbs down” goes to mothers with strollers at Starbucks on Montague….UGHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • WillowtownCop

    Waiving a gun at an unarmed man while off duty is not my job. How would confronting him in a park, for, at best, being in the park after dark, solve the problem of whatever is wrong with him or not having a place to live? Would a summons he can’t pay fix that? How about a night in jail, and then letting him right back out again with no place to go? What exactly should an off duty police officer do, in your expert opinion?

    I suggest unarmed citizens avoid situations that could possibly be dangerous.

    If you were a plumber, would you find it necessary to comment on every thread about pipes bursting in a town you had never been to and had no plans on ever going to, espically when you thought the thread was posted for the purpose of saying something racist about the people who live in the town?

  • Heightsman

    Has Fascati’s taken their annual vacation already? Tried yesterday and got that sinking feeling its happened.

  • Tony

    Religious fundamentalism is anathema to a liberal democracy, AEB. If you weren’t such a self-righteous windbag you would see that. Then again, you once called me antisemitic because I had the audacity to criticize a local synagogue for closing down an entire block so a few kids could play in the street, so I know how you love to cast stones. I’m sure you are as pure and wholesome as your Buster Brown logo. But the most revolting commenter on this thread is no doubt “Mickey.” Societies lose their rights because of weak, cowardly suck-ups like him who are always prepared to give the benefit of the doubt to authority.

  • PierrepontSkin

    1) Nice picture!

    2) @Heightsman, I know! I just said that to myself the other day.

    3) I love Brooklyn Heights, especially in the summer.

    4) This thread is garbage today.

    5) @topham, I found an old leather trenchcoat with matching knee-high boots. Any interest?