Mr. Junkersfeld Reports on FDNY Alert at Seasons, Film at Pier One

Karl Junkersfeld reports on last night’s movie at Pier One and the FDNY responding to an alarm at Season’s on Henry Street among other things. Just another day in Brooklyn Heights. Video after the jump.

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  • Demonter

    Watched your Blizzard videos today Karl, just to get my mind off of the sweltering temperatures. Brrr…

  • Rerunruzbekistan

    You had the right idea, Demonter! I live on the top floor of a fifth floor walk-up and after a mile walk home I needed some sensory relief. As much as leaving for work at 6am on the 27th of December stunk (oh, and it was BAD) the serene video of what was to come cooled and calmed me tonight.

  • AEB

    “Summer Breeze”! Be still, my heart!

    Thanks, Karl, for a terrific miscellany. And I, for one, will take any day like yesterday as opposed to the wretchedness of winter cold and dark.

  • Demonter

    In the winter I watch video clips of Maui beaches to lift the spirits. Virtual relief….