Lights Out on Hicks Street

This just in from a BHB tipster:

Con Ed is/was working on Hicks Street, which was blocked at Pierrepont this morning around 7 AM. As reported by a resident of Mansion House, electric on entire block both sides of Hicks (toward Clark) has been out since 1:30 AM. Not sure if this is still the situation.

WABC-TV reports that the issue is damaged Con Ed wires under Henry and Clark Streets.

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  • Mike

    We’re on the west side of Hicks between Clark and Pierrepont, and had the same problem. We got a robocall this morning from ConEd saying the problem won’t be resolved until 6pm, and there were a ton of ConEd trucks all down Hicks this morning.

  • redbaron

    This morning at 9:45 a Con Ed worker told me he thought the problem would be fixed in about an hour–but I also got the robocall saying 6pm. Let’s hope the worker was right! If anyone has an update please post!

  • Miky

    Con Ed’s spokesman is attempting to associate the Hicks Street power outage with the increased usage caused by the heat. This is nonsense. A week or so ago, Con Ed put in new cables along Hicks Street. The Con Ed workers with whom I spoke say that the cables that burned up at 1am this morning were all the new cables. They believed that they were not properly installed. So to be clear, we are out of power because of Con Ed incompetence and not because of heat.

  • Mike

    @Milky, as I was walking out this morning I heard a very angry ConEd supervisor cursing at a bunch of guys down in a (very crispy smelling) manhole — it wouldn’t surprise me at all if that was why.

    Another blog ( says that similar outages occurred in a big line running down Hicks all the way to Red Hook, which really suggests that the “increased usage” line they’re towing is bunk.

  • Heights

    Is the Mansion House still without power?

  • Josh G

    ConEd trucks still line Hicks St – and the workers are hanging out (at least they were 5 min ago when I walked by)

  • Eddyenergizer

    Mike, How does that suggest the “increased usage” line is bunk, what’s your theory?

  • Momoschki

    Any updates on the electrical situation, specifically Hicks between State and Joralemon?

  • Hicks St Resident

    As of 6 pm Saturday we still do not have full power in the Mansion House (145 Hicks St). AC is not working properly and we can’t run our elevators at full service. Con Edison has demonstrated not only poor competence and even worse communication. One has to wonder if all the new buildings put up in downtown and elsewhere in the vicinity, with hundreds of new apartments and households, has contributed to the inability of Con Edision to supply adequate power during extreme weather.

  • bross

    The Con Ed failure at Mansion House also left me with no internet service. Just came back up this morning, Sunday. Not sure if the Con Ed trucks lining Hicks Street brings me comfort that they are on-site or concern that I once again will wake up to total darkness and a puddle of sweat.