Weekend Subway Surprises

We used to call this feature “Weekend Subway Diversions” but, as AEB pointed out, it’s hardly diverting (though, we hope, useful). Anyway, “Subway Surprises” has a nice alliterative ring to it. So, here’s how to avoid being surprised by subway service this Saturday and Sunday:

The A and C trains will be doing a sort of do-si-do with the F trains. Just like last weekend, Manhattan bound A and C trains will be re-routed over the F line from Jay Street/Metro Tech to West 4th Street, so no Manhattan bound service at High Street. To get to Fulton, Chambers, Canal, or Spring streets, take the 2, 3, 4, or N (replacing the R at Court Street; see below) to nearby stations. Meanwhile, Brooklyn bound F trains will be taking the A and C line from West 4th to Jay Street. To get to Brooklyn from Lower East Side stops on the F line, take a Manhatttan bound train to West 4th and change to a Brooklyn bound train there.

The R and N trains will do a weekend switcheroo. There will be no R service to or from the Heights, but the N will be running on the R line from Canal Street to DeKalb Avenue, and vice versa, so take the N for service to Court Street from either direction.

Just like last weekend, Manhattan bound 2, 3, and 4 trains will be skipping the Eastern Parkway, Grand Army Plaza, and Bergen Street stops, so to get back to the Heights from Park Slope, the Brooklyn Public Library main branch, the Botanic Garden, or the Brooklyn Museum, take a Brooklyn bound train from one of these stations to Franklin Avenue and change there for a Manhattan bound train.

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