Reefer Madness: Is Brooklyn Heights Going Up in Smoke?

Twitter user/Brooklyn Heights resident @estwhile tweets Thursday:

Either there’s a skunk hanging out at the #BrooklynHeights #promenade or ppl have been smoking crazy amounts of weed on my corner all day.

We’ve also noticed a steady flow of folks toking on “Mary Jane” in the neighborhood recently. Have you?

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  • marshall


  • Peter

    2011 Who Cares !

  • Publius

    You got a problem with that? It’s the true essence of Bklyn.

  • Heightsguy

    Haven’t noticed a difference, nor has there been a dramatic upturn in national statistics on pot use. It hate to think that getting stoned is the true essence of Brooklyn. Most heavy pot smokers cut down or quit on their own when they reach their 30’s, which is interesting.

  • jblake

    who cares? narcs.

  • Mr. Big

    Come on, B-Hers! Marijuana is a poor-people drug!

  • Livingston

    Doesn’t the “no-smoking in the park” law cover this?

  • Jeffrey J Smith

    There HAS been a very unwelcome rise in open pot smoking
    in the recent two months. Exact reasons seem less than clear.
    What IS clear is that a LOT of the “pot” all sources note, is
    increasingly laced with various secondary drugs making the
    new spike even more alarming. I have observed the drug scene
    often at close range since the 60’s. Pot is NOT some “harmless”
    recreation. It certainly IS a gateway drug. Forget about the
    individual for a moment. What is the cost to society and the
    real huge damage drug activity inflicts on out nation.
    Want to know if “pot” is harmless? Well there’s easily 50,000
    real people dead in the Mexican 3 way drug war just to the
    south of us. Phoenix has become the kidnap capital fo the U.S.
    due to the drug cartels who POUR pot and other drugs into our country. AND then what about the responsibility (remember that word folks?) of individual users/consumer who lights up walking down Hicks, Henry or Montague St.

  • Arch Stanton

    Mr. Big, at around five hundred an ounce I’d hardly call it a poor peoples drug.

  • AEB

    Very encouraging news. Though I wouldn’t “do” BH on psychedelics. Especially Gristedes….

  • nabeguy

    AEB, Gristedes is it’s own kind of trip….and definitely a bum one.

  • Alanna

    I smell it in my BUILDING constantly. sigh.

  • AEB

    It IS, nabe, isn’t it? An alternative reality of near-surreal theme-park merchandising, sub-arctic temps and zombified employees, all brought crashingly to earth via screw-you prices.

    Hope you’re doing well in your new nabe, nabe..

  • Mikey

    Preferable to alcohol!

  • Wait… what?

    I was going to comment on this… but now I can’t remember what the post was about.


    Is anyone else hungry?

  • Hemp on Hicks

    People should be free

  • Livingston

    But we non-smokers shouldn’t have to smell your personal indulgence. Stick to wine and liquor — it’s also “all natural” (and legal) and no nose in your immediate radius will be offended.

  • Dismayed

    I smell it all the time now, and I see people smoking it all the time, not hiding it, when my kids walk by. Where are all the cops?

  • Former Smoker

    I laughed out loud at how even a thread on marijuana wended its’ way back to the depredations of Gristedes! If I started a thread on Afghanistan, or Jean-Paul Sartre, someone would find some way to bring up Gristedes. Gotta love it.

    by the way, people who smoke pot do worse on math tests the next day, fail driving simulations, contributes to depression and and lack of motivation. That said, it is a public health issue not something to punish. I’m glad I stopped a long time ago!