Be a History Sleuth for the Brooklyn Museum

Reader Nancy alerted us to this item in Carol Vogel’s “Inside Art” column in yesterday’s Times:

The New York Times: SOMEWHERE IN BROOKLYN: The Brooklyn Museum is digitizing its collections, and trying to solve a few mysteries along the way. One such effort is to identify the locations in thousands of photographs taken of Brooklyn in the late 1800s. “We know roughly where some of these photographs were taken,” said Shelley Bernstein, the museum’s chief of technology. “But we are trying to pinpoint exact locations and fill in the gaps.”

Ms. Bernstein’s goal is to accurately identify each photograph’s location so the images can, as she put it, “go out into the world” at places like Historypin, the new Internet site that links old images to their modern-day counterparts. The museum is posting images on Flickr and talking about them on Twitter, hoping people will respond by mapping them.

The Flickr page for the images is here. Take a look, and see if you can help. (Photo of Brooklyn Museum: Wikimedia Commons.)

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