“Clean House” TV Show Auction at Plymouth Church

Just caught the fact that there’s an auction related to the TV show “Clean House” happening today at Plymouth Church until 3pm.  Anyone go?

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  • AEB

    An advert like the one pictured was taped to a tree in front of my building.


  • Steph

    I did and it was awesome! Beyond bargain basement and some beautiful furniture.

  • http://loscalzo.posterous.com Homer Fink

    I checked it out. The record albums and old Playboys for sale just made me wonder about who the subject of the “Clean House” is/was … Very “hep smoker reefer”

  • lois

    The house being featured on the show is on Baltic Street between Henry and Clinton streets – not sure who the owner is.

  • http://loureads.com Lou

    I went around 2pm. Pretty well picked through. Shoes, clothes, books and other random junk left. Not shooting video anymore. No sign of the show hosts. Apparently Tempest Bledsoe is the new temporary host… At least thats what the website says.

  • Jeffrey J Smith

    I stopped by with a friend. The DVD’s were good classical music
    items. The record collection were 1950’s/early 60’s Pop/easy
    listening albums featuring women on the covers. I got into a
    good talk w/aubum collection’s owner as to Analog vs digital
    audio and the reasons for the differences in bio-effects, this,
    while cameras rolled. Several people asked me for the papers I
    had with me. Question? how does a Playboy collection get
    into a church sale? Well, knowing H.W.Beecher morals…..

  • Michelle Thaler

    piles of junk!

  • God

    They didn’t even dust off the dirty old shoes. What a mess!!!!

  • David on Middagh

    The only rummage sale I’ve had to sign a release for before being let in!

  • JAFO

    I got some great stuff.

  • Michelle

    Very disappointing. Better stuff at housing works.

  • Jan

    I went late in the afternoon also. There was a lot of junk that appeared to be the “leavings” at that late hour in the sale; but there were some real treasures in the huge book collection. The husband works in the publishing business and had worked for Playboy for six years which explains all those magazines. What a collection it was! The couple was there despite the above comment and he was very happy to know that I saw the value in his books and that they were going to have a good home. He hand-picked some especially good books for me — graphic novels that are classics. I sympathized with him — it is not easy to separate yourself from your books if you’re a true bibliophile! I left with a huge bag of books (maybe 14 or 15) plus some unworn ladies’ sport tops (still with tags on them) and a few other doo-dads — and all for only $7. It was great fun on a Saturday afternoon.