Engine 205 Saved

Engine Company 205, which shares the firehouse on Middagh Street with a ladder company, and which was included on the Mayor’s list of fire companies to be closed, has been spared the budgetary axe.

The Brooklyn Paper: Firehouses expected to be shuttered in Dyker Heights, Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights, Williamsburg and Coney Island — making up 40 percent of the proposed 20 citywide closures — were left unscathed and more than 4,000 city teachers kept their jobs when the music stopped on June 24 and Bloomberg and the Council finalized the city’s $66-billion budget.

Brooklyn Heights residents, along with actor Steve Buscemi and others, gathered twice (see here and here) to protest the proposed closing.

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  • AEB

    Excellent! Bravo!

  • nabeguy

    Woo hoo! Stay safe, guys.

  • harumph

    Amazingly wonderful news, finally!

  • Arch Stanton

    Let us all rejoice.

  • IB Farley

    Wonderful news. This is one strong community.

  • GHB

    Great news!

  • yorick

    This is wonderful news!

  • Mickey

    This is really great news and a number of people in our community should be congratulated & thanked for their successful campaign to save Engine 205. What still puzzles me is that since there was no new revenue source to hit the budget talks, where did all of this money come from? A retiree health care fund was tapped to save the teachers, but who is paying for the firehouses? I’d like to thank them, too!

  • Buggs Bunny

    Bloomie hates firemen. Bloomie hates Brooklyn, the only borough that didn’t re-elect him for his illegal third-term as mayor.

    The whole firehouse closing thing is just a big game to him. He is laughing at all of us. Ha, ha. Maroons.

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    The above comment is very accurate. That’s what mattoids and mattoid like types do. They play with the normal, average people they consider to toys. On a far larger scale, Nelson Rockefeller was exactly that way. But this victory is an important milestone. Not only Bloomberg, but he entire banking and financial community blinked on this. And a MAJOR reason for this is that the unions, finally, began To ask for a real total overview of what is actually happening in the city’s finances.

    NO ONE in this administration, the banking and financial commun-
    ity or for that matter the key NGO’s want a real examination of finances. Because that would involve revealing the city’s CAFR’s the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. Which shows the huge pools of monies which an average municipality has invested with “favored” financial institutions…at very low interest rates….

    Sure, there’s a reason they blinked on this…

  • Andrew Porter

    Good news.

    I declare a two week moratorium on complaints about these guys parking their cars on the Middagh Street sidewalks…