It’s a Jungle Out There on Pier 1

Plentiful rainfall this spring has made for lush foliage on Pier 1 of Brooklyn Bridge Park. On my morning walk through the park (I’ve taken to alternating my long walk over the Bridge with a shorter one down Squibb Hill to Pier 1, around the pier then back up to the Promenade) I noticed how easy it was in some places (ignoring the sound of BQE traffic and the occasional helicopter) to imagine oneself far from the city; for example, looking down toward the small pond near the park entrance at the foot of Old Fulton Street. (More photos and text after the jump.)

Spectacular floral displays are found near the pathways.

An abundance of sumac sometimes arches over the path. Here we see its red fruit, or drupes, used to make spice in the Middle East.

Could this swamp be home to something more sinister than Dodger the muskrat?

Here are more showy summer blossoms.

What’s that in the distance–could it be the fabled lost Isle of Manhattan?

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  • Iso

    Gorgous shots, Claude. I’m stealing one for a screensaver.

  • Josh G

    Agreed – these pix are fantastic! Pier 1 is amazing!

  • Daffy Duck

    Claude’s the Man.

  • Andrew Porter

    Wonderful photos! I haven’t been to Pier One in a while, though I’ve noticed from the Promenade how lush it’s getting. Perhaps the trees will provide actual shade this year.

    Has anyone noticed how Channel 4’s news programs have shots of the Bridge and Pier 1 from years ago, showing delivery trucks, warehouses and Purchase Building, instead of what’s there now? Sure wish they’d update their photos!

  • David on Middagh

    Ah, yes, the Lost Isle of Mannahatta–I must find a way over, for I have a library book due…

  • Karl Junkersfeld


    Your photos do this beautiful park justice.

  • Josh G

    These pix are fantastic and deserve a second mention. Brooklyn Bridge Park is such a great thing for our neighborhood!

  • frenchbull

    pier 1 rocks

  • Remsen

    Does Pier 1/6 have any sponsored tours of the plantings? I would like to know their secrets on how they managed to get the gardens to look so good. Even the bamboo north of Pier 6 at the entry looks in good shape…thought that most were toast after the winter…

  • ujh

    Claude, thanks for your photos; I’ve already amassedd a large collection of photos documenting the seasons over the past year since the park opened.

    A volunteer group is being formed to attack the invasive weeds (barely visible in the lush environment but definitely encroaching on the landscape). So don’t be alarmed when you see individuals pulling plants in the future. Anyone interested in joining should contact the BBP for an application form. The second training session takes place Tuesday morning (today) from 10 am to 1 pm.

  • David Fuller

    The difference between last season and this year is truly amazing — it is a real pleasure there!

  • annab

    Not to be a Debbie Downer, but I was recently at Pier 1 on a humid day and my first thought was ‘man, that swampy area must be a breeding ground for mosquitos’.