Busted Chef’s Apartment Ransacked

The Brooklyn Paper reports that “Busted Chef” Dan Kaufman’s Pierrepont Street apartment – which the paper writes he rents from Busy Chef owner Alan Young – had its locks changed and was ransacked this week.  The paper’s calls to Young for comment went unanswered:

Brooklyn Paper: Busted Chef…: For the record, Brill said his client is innocent of the identity theft and credit card fraud charges, claiming instead that Kaufman was a scapegoat of larger crimes by Young and others.

The paper also steps up to the plate today and sheds light on Nasser “Nando” Ghorchian’s dealings with Alan Young and the Busy Chef related businesses.

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  • justachef

    Um, Simplistic, you would have fired him as soon as you hired him because he had NO TALENT in the kitchen, period. In passing, hmmmm…sounds like all his other little kitty kats that wondered where Dan was when his ass was hiding and then in jail, while silly Lil Rachel paid his bail. Nobody ever mentioned Shameless. You ever here of a tell, everyone has them so it makes me wonder why you would mention Shameless, when that had to do with Boston and then Brooklyn. You would have only known all this if you were in the know. Passing, huh. Shouldn’t YOU be busy with your successful chain of restaurants? See, I still get phone calls regarding these places, while trying to start anew after having an awesome, talented staff. Pissed is where I am at now, which is mild considering what I WAS. I hope his trial is open to the public because I will be there, just glaring with the ugliest of hatred for a human that I have ever felt on a personal level. Maybe that’s how his baby’s mom felt after trying to get him to pay child support and then him bouncing the money with company checks. Wake up, silly girl in VA…he is scum. Forget BK Heights…on a parental level alone. Ah, the list is immense, but I’ll just leave it at that. “ya’ll” have a good nite, ya hear;)

  • insider

    you guys are such fools including you (erica) within weeks alan will reopen the wine bar with out you

  • Friend of family

    Dan- Did you ever stop to think about your parents? I’m sure that they are very embarrassed by you. You have been nothing but trouble for them and I’m sure they are the talk of town in Wayland. I bet they end up moving after this scandal. I’m sure its been one big shock after another for them. The issue in college, bankruptcy in Vermont, a granddaughter they didn’t even know about, and now jail????!!!!! What a twisted web of lies you have spun. I feel really bad for your parents and sister-they are really nice people and don’t deserve to be dragged into your mess.

  • Just a Neighbor

    Insider – just out of stupid curiousity, who in their right mind do you think would want to work there after all of this?

  • DayofReckoning

    I am sure that Kaufman’s problems will grow exponentially when some of the Boston group start giving depositions to the US Attorneys Generals office next week:It is Fraud when you misrepresent an investment and your Fraud by Deception when you misrepresent your fiscal contribution to investors. It is forgery when you sign someone else’s name to a loan agreement or vendor gaurentee. I don’t know how his parents will be able to sell the house in Wayland when Kaufman has borrowed against the Shawmutt Rd home and used it for surety for a loan, or is this just another forgery on the part of Kaufman. I am sure that Kaufman has not paid the meal tax or paid withholding taxes to the state or federal Government. Kaufman stole the tax withholding money in his Boston scams. Can anyone provide us with Kaufman’s address or cell number or the Pennsylvania registration number on his vehicle?

  • justachef

    sure…he can open it, but not one purveyor will touch them. All of those sale people know who the owners were and they are in the hole for an obscene amount of money. Sysco $36,000; DiCarlo-$40,000 plus, another for $125,000…not to mention all the little bills of misc for $12,000 here, 10,000 there. Plus Dan never paid worker’s comp, or gave any of the W2 taxes from employees to gov’t. Oh, he also bounced checks on the DOHMH* as well as lisences, as well as sanitation as well as the SLA as well as the linens and wears people and…you get the point. NO ONE will touch them;) oh, an how’s about all the Latinos that are owed money still. Good times, kids, good times. It makes you wonder how his mom didn’t abort this abomination of a human. My condolences to his folks, I hope to the Goddess they write his ass off and not help him in any sort of way, like Rachel did. Putting her parents house up for colateral. Friend of Family…do tell, what scandal in College? I love the dirt, it makes me feel better as a person on this planet to know that these sh**ty people are real and horrendous and they didn’t even murder anyone to be that evil.


    just a chef ….HOW DARE YOU SUGGEST HIS MOTHER SHOULD HAVE ABORTED HER PREGNANCY ! who the hell are you to say such a thing …maybe YOUR mother should have done the same thing ! ! ! ?

  • hoppy

    I’ve noticed some recent activity in the Busy Chef space over the past few days involving a grey-haired lawyer/accountant looking guy in a suit and a set of papers, along with an African-American gent with large sunglasses who seems to have been a fixture in and around these places for the past few months or so (I think he went by the name “Steve”). Naturally, I’d love to know the latest developments.

  • No One Of Consequence

    justachef and reckoning: Curious as to how you have such detailed info?

  • justachef

    Because I worked there. I was in contact with all the companies because they would call me wondering what was up, because I read all the mail that was piling up to organize it to see if the was a way in hell to salvage something, as per an owner. DAY sounds like they may be burned in Boston. That’s probably how they know;) Very uncool to mention his parents street name, though.

    And yep, I did say ABORTION…I really love people who are so anti and then retort pro…hilarious.


    justachef…first of all i happen to be PRO-CHOICE ! let me ask , do you have children ? if so i hope there are halos around their heads and you never know a moment of worry with them . a mother’s love should be UNCONDITIONAL maybe you don’t understand that concept ! ?


    JAC , what business / corp. name did he have with a southern address ? you seem to have quite a bit of dirt on him