Vineapple to Open on Pineapple

The long vacant space at 71 Pineapple Street will soon become a new café and wine bar, to be called Vineapple, acording to the press release we received from Julie Meyer of Eat Well Global. She says it is scheduled to open June 1, though my quick look at the premises yesterday suggests much work remains to be done. I do hope they keep that “English Sunrise” door.

According to the press release:

Keeping things local is key and Vineapple will highlight awesome Brooklyn-based businesses, including Stumptown coffee, sweet and savory treats from Pickle Petunia Made, and tasty beverages, including beer, wine, juices, teas and homemade sandwiches. It will also feature local art and music with a tailor-made soundtrack courtesy of [Owner Pooja] Raj’s fiancée [sic], well-known Brooklyn musician and Further drummer Joe Russo.

Vineapple will also have “comfy couches, chalkboards and books for kids and a lending library.”

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  • EHinBH

    ‘For Lease’ sign coming soon. I give it 4 months. The people who open businesses here have no idea what draws people.

  • David on Middagh

    Nabeguy, just the kind of crack I’d expect from someone in E-Hi.

    (OK, I laughed. I’m not saying seltzer flew from my nose or anything…)

  • Andrew Porter

    Renovation of the building was crap, with same crumby old facade from when it was a mexican restaurant left on the building. Likely a violation of LPC laws. Indication of quality of renovation: windows not replaced, facade not repointed or cleaned. Window and that “great door” left over from when it was a rowdy bar before closing. Pigeons roosting in the hole above the entry were entombed when they simply nailed a piece of wood across the hole.

    Lou, there are only three restaurants on Clark Street that serve sushi, only one block away. Hope your comment was facetious.

  • Claude Scales

    Sorry, Andrew, but I do love the door, rowdy bar or not. The fake stone facade should certainly go.

    Everyone else: I’m trying to figure out where I live. I’m on the north side of Montague. Does that mean I’m in NoMo?

  • Just A Neighbor

    Oh please. All of you, knock it off with putting this place down before it even opens. You’ll be taking up the seats at the bar soon enough anyway.

  • bornhere

    Not sure Claude; maybe you’re in WeHe. Or maybe you should ask a hipster….

    I wish Vineapple good luck; but after Ricky’s (anyone remember?) left, nothing worked out.

  • nabeguy

    DOM, I’m going miss you when I move to E-LI.

  • Eddy de Lectron

    Ok so here are the the official Heights subdivisions:

    no mo we he
    no mo e he
    so mo we he
    so mo e he

  • Claude Scales

    Eddy: I presume the divider between e and we is Henry.

    bornhere: actually, I am a hipster:

  • Wrennie

    ha this is starting to turn into Philly. There are 147 neighborhood names for a 10 block radius. No joke.

  • ABC

    I’m very happy that nobody will go so there will be plenty of room for me!

    And the people who complain about kids… ugh. Enough.

  • jennifer

    i went in and spoke to the owner of the place today. it is not actually a bar but a cafe and they will have the option of wine and beer. let’s not knock it until we’ve tried it, eh? seems like a lovely space with lovely people running it. bk people, give stuff a chance!

  • jennifer

    also, i guess it’s a “landmarks issue” with the outside there. no one will let them change the brick, sadly. i think the owners really want to change it but there are pretty strict building laws there….seems like the heights is pretty strict with their rules!

  • bornhere

    Claude — Great piece (of course, anything with a reference to “The Honeymooners” has to be great)!
    And I suppose the Kramdens and Nortons lived in BeStu…..

  • Eddy de Lectron

    Claude Yes it is, he he

  • north heights res

    Any place that markets itself as a bar and highlights that it will offer books & chalkboards for kids won’t get my business. Sorry, ABC, but I don’t want to hang out in a bar with kids. I’m sure it’s a selling point for a lot of people, but it’s a dealbreaker for me. Fortunately, there are other options. :)

  • jennifer

    i dont see it advertised as a bar anyway. CAFE. CAFE CAFE. with wine and beer as a bonus. this place will be closed by 6 pm. that doesn’t constitute as a “bar” in my mind, and i’m happy to see kids comfortable in a neighborhood environment while moms sip on a glass of wine with lunch!

  • north heights res

    Jennifer, the first sentence of this post reads “The long vacant space at 71 Pineapple Street will soon become a new café and wine bar…”

    Like I said, there will be plenty of people in the neighborhood to enjoy it. I just won’t be one of them.

  • near Vineapple

    If you go to any of the Shanghai restaurants in Chinatown (as, Nice Green Bo) or along the less well known Brooklyn Chinatown on 8th Avenue in Brooklyn between 45 and 65 you will never go to Fortune House again. Similarly, if you go to any of the Viet places such as Nha Trang on Centre St. or again on Brooklyn’s 8th avenue you will pine for one in this neighborhood. There actually was one on Henry and Montague but it closed after about a month. It was pitch dark and didn’t have an authentic feel. Sorry to turn BHB into Chowhound.
    I’ll stick with more appropriate topics such as the entrance to the Promanade on Clark St. or the perrenial threat of the man in the sweat suit and the marauading stroller moms.

  • bklyn20

    Nha Trang is fantastic — formica tables, fluorescent lights and all. Whenever I pass Nha Trang, usually in a cab on a rush trip uptown, I wish I could just get out and have some pho. Didn’t Sheryl Crow write a song about that?