Mohammed’s New Newsstand

Mohammed, whose cheery “Good morning!” has often brightened my walk from home to subway, has a new newsstand at Henry and Montague streets.

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  • Van

    Uh. Really? Cheery? Mohammed is a grouch. Far from cheery.

  • David on Middagh

    I prefer the old sprawling, ramshackle lumpy forest green newsstands. They have character. These uptight, shiny metal and glass boxes don’t look very Brooklyn to me.

  • A Neighbor

    Mohammed is the greatest — always ready with a smile and greeting. I loved that the BHA honored him a few years ago. The new stands don’t have a lot of character, but, hopefully, give him room to turn around.

  • ABC

    Mohammed is great. This stand is fine. All the better to sell ads I guess? The old green ones were more .. Charming.

    But didn’t they just build one a couple years ago? And then take that one down and then put in a smaller one. Now this? I change shoes less often

  • Montague Neighbor

    I talked to Mohammed yesterday about his new stand. His first comment? “It’s air-conditioned!”

  • jim

    Good for Mohammed, he is a real asset to the neighborhood and always nice to me and my kids!

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    Mohammed has always been great with my family. The old stand was very well, post war New York The new stand is very uh, Berlin modern. Hey….Is it Bullet Proof?

  • harumph

    sorry, but I’m in agreement with @Van…if you buy your paper from him daily, maybe he is nice to you – but for us other folk – just scowls… and lets face it, he is pretty much the only act in town.

  • Y

    I guess if u are expecting Four Seasons treatment with white gloves you might have an issue. He is always nice to me and I am only an occassional customer. Maybe you need to leave your attitude at the door?

    An he isnt the only act in town.

  • harumph

    @Y please don’t snark me, you don’t know me. and I’m not asking for any special treatment of any kind. just agreeing that some of us don’t find him the friendliest fellow

  • brooklynheightzer

    Mohammed will be sweating in this tin box very soon unless he has an AC in it.

  • Linda

    I buy my newspapers at the Clark Street subway station or the new place on the corner of Hicks and Montague.

  • Van

    One time I asked him for change for a dollar, and you would think I was trying to rob him of 4 quarters. I was also buying a NY Post ad and a Diet Dr Pepper. No more visits from me after that!

  • Van

    And wasn’t he robbed a few years ago? Of like a considerable amount of cash? And by no means am I saying, my opinion of his attitude warrants a robbery. I guess I am just mentioning the robbery as it’s on topic.

  • x

    who is paying for this? Tax money>?

  • David on Middagh

    I wish it were 1897.

  • EHinBH

    Yes – He is a total grump. I also agree that the older stands were much better… And it is a complete waste of money to replace them.

  • Jorale-man

    I like that the new newsstands match the bus shelters in the area. It creates a visual uniformity and generally gives the block a cleaner, less shabby look.

    Alas, I don’t have an opinion on whether Mohammed is nice or a grump.

  • Andrew Porter

    And great how modern and metallic new stand is, just like the rest of the trendy new construction throughout BH. Who needs Landmarks, any way? Wait until they put some really bright lights in the stand…

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    The new stand is very…metropolis. He should put a big TESLA
    Coil on the roof or hide it inside and have the entire structure throwing ten (or more) foot arcs. THEN it will be even more
    Berlin 20’s modern, we can have our own last reel of “Gold”
    every night….

  • AL

    Agree w EHinBH

  • gc

    Agree with David on Middagh

  • nabeguy

    Maybe with magazines in the window, it will add some color. Right now, it has about as much character as the elevator’s at Clark Street station.

  • Van

    Agree with Van

  • Y

    @harumph: I know u from your comments on this blog. And you seem to be grumpy a lot.

  • Jaques

    Is Mohammed also working at Sahadis?