Vineapple to Open on Pineapple

The long vacant space at 71 Pineapple Street will soon become a new café and wine bar, to be called Vineapple, acording to the press release we received from Julie Meyer of Eat Well Global. She says it is scheduled to open June 1, though my quick look at the premises yesterday suggests much work remains to be done. I do hope they keep that “English Sunrise” door.

According to the press release:

Keeping things local is key and Vineapple will highlight awesome Brooklyn-based businesses, including Stumptown coffee, sweet and savory treats from Pickle Petunia Made, and tasty beverages, including beer, wine, juices, teas and homemade sandwiches. It will also feature local art and music with a tailor-made soundtrack courtesy of [Owner Pooja] Raj’s fiancée [sic], well-known Brooklyn musician and Further drummer Joe Russo.

Vineapple will also have “comfy couches, chalkboards and books for kids and a lending library.”

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  • C.

    Sounds interesting. Would still love to just get a regular plain old every day bar.

  • AEB


  • Just A Neighbor

    Oh my goodness. You just made my day.

  • WillowtownCop

    Its everything yuppie all in one place! Will there be bike repairs, too?

  • AEB

    Or ironic-beard non-trimming? Oooops! That’s hipster, not yuppie….

  • David on Middagh

    Hipsters are larval yuppies.

  • Tony

    “Books for kids”? Another place for brats and strollers in our nabe? Not what I want with my wine.

  • macjohnson

    Nothing like having stuff for kids to do at the wine bar!

  • macjohnson

    Wait a second is there not another wine bar just around the corner?

  • David on Middagh

    Perhaps all the ill-fated restaurants near the corner of Henry and Cranberry should have been wine bars!

  • Lou

    This neighborhood has a bad habit of businesses saying “Hey, there is one of those places down the block and it seems to be doing okay. I should open up the identical business 100 feet away.” What we could really use is another Sushi place… Regardless, I look forward to it opening and the subsequent complaining it will inspire.

    I do wish they could get rid of that vile faux-brick on the outside…

  • KDrake

    Worst name ever? Glad they’re finally opening soon though, just hope it’s not too kid-friendly! Nothing kills drinker’s buzz better than children running around.

  • harumph

    um, sorry @ KDrake
    “Vineapple will also have “comfy couches, chalkboards and books for kids and a lending library.”

  • Wrennie

    @Lou: aren’t there already a bunch of sushi places? I’d love to find a good place to get a burger, or some inventive sandwiches.

    @Harumph: I think KDrake was being sarcastic. Wine bar + kid-friendly is a little weird. (But, I guess there aren’t a ton of heavy daytime wine drinkers, so giving it more of a kid/mom-friendly daytime vibe isn’t a bad idea for revenue.)

  • resident

    @Lou: I’ve always thought that bars are one business where copying a business model down the street is an effective strategy, at least in big cities. The term “bar hopping” exists for a reason.

    I do think that another drinking establishment or two, including a real bar, would be good for the area. Between Dumbo and Atlantic, the only real places to get a drink are the Ale House which is more of a restaurant, Eamon’s (ugh), and O’Keefe’s which serves more of the courthouse/brooklyn law crowd. Additional bars on the northern end of Henry might make the area more of a destination for dining and night life, which could clear up some of those empty store fronts.

  • AEB

    Yes, Wrennie, yes! A PLACE THAT WOULD MAKE A FEW SIMPLE DISHES VERY WELL! And that one could consider a regular stop. And that’s reasonable in price.

    Jeeze! It’s not, as they say, rocket science!

    And, David, yes again!

  • Billy Reno

    What an appealing proposition for the NoJo region. I can’t wait to see the little pre-HM, sauce-on-the-side Packer urchins sipping their Welch’s from proper wine glasses.

  • bornhere

    Billy — Again with the NoJo/SoJo nonsense????

  • nabeguy

    I live on Middagh Street. Can I divide the neighborhood into NoMo and SoMo? Actually, I say NoMo of the silly acronymms.

  • Near Vineapple

    A neighbor of Vineapple told me they were selling their house to get away from it.

    What we don’t have is any authentic Chinatown-style Chinese restaurants, any Vietnamese restaurants, Mexican restaurants (unless you count Chipotle, which I don’t), just huge # of mac n’ cheese, hangar steak, American places, which are fine but not if they overwhelm the restaurant scene completely.

  • jennifer

    I don’t know what everyone is complaining about. this place sounds awesome and just what the neighborhood needs. a cafe that offers wine and beer?! how can we go wrong here?

  • Linda

    Fortune House restaurant has very good Chinese food.
    I have been in Chinatown many times and perfer to eat at Fortune House. Also, Alma restaurant has great Mexican food.
    We have been going to Alma for the past six years and have never had a bad meal. Of course, it’s about a 15-20 minute walk but well worth it. Joya on Court Street has great Thai food also.

  • Hicks St Guy

    @resident, doesn’t Jack the Horse count as a bar?

  • resident

    @Hicks St Guy: No, Jack the Horse is a restaurant with a bar to wait at. While they do have a nice cocktail list, it is certainly not a bar in that its main purpose is to serve drinks. A bar can serve food, but that shouldn’t be the main purpose of the establishment. Where I draw the line between what is a bar and what is a restaurant is whether the actual bar of the establishment is the prominent feature with plenty of seats and/or plenty of space to stand and mingle behind. The Henry St. Ale House is a nice example of a place that sort of toes the line. Most of the time they seem more interested in serving food, but there are plenty of seats at the bar and they will continue serving drinks to a crowd long after the kitchen has closed (though, often not long enough, when I come back from a different neighborhood to find the place closed).

  • Wrennie

    Ah, yes, Mexican. Chipotle all kinds of doesn’t count, so I rely on the Calexico cart in BBP, seasonally.

    As to Joya–is it me or has their food just gotten completely over-the-top greasy? I used to love that place and went regularly. The last two times I’ve went, within the past year, it was just terrible. I wonder if they’ve changed staff or management, etc.

    Jennifer, I think what’s a little disconcerting is that it sounds like they’re trying to go for too many feels in one small setting. A place that doesn’t have a distinct vibe one way or the other never really impresses me, and I’d likely just trek elsewhere.

  • AEB

    Linda, with all due respect–and recognizing that taste is in many ways non-negotiable–Fortune House is a just-barely decent Chinese-American restaurant whose food the management has long-ago stopped thinking about.

    The fish in the tank are, however, fun to watch.

  • Linda

    Oooooh, I hate watching the fish in the tank. I feel sorry for them.
    Maybe you could recommend a Chinese restaurant.
    My daughter took us into Chinatown to a top notch restaurant and we didn’t like the food at all.
    I lived most of my life on Long Island and there were very very few decent neighborhood restaurants so maybe I am not as picky.

  • David on Middagh

    Nabeguy: NoMo acronyms? Just when I’d started telling people I live in WeHi…

  • Lou

    Lets see if the sarcasm is clear enough this time around.

    There are only 3 sushi restaurants on Clark Street. Surely there is room for one or two more.

    So with the addition of Vineapple we have 3 wine bars if you count Tazza…. do people count it?

  • nabeguy

    DOM, you must be SoHi to tell people that…