Fleet Week Begins

The annual Fleet Week, scheduled to cover Memorial Day weekend, begins tomorrow (Wednesday, May 25) with a parade of ships passing through the harbor, into the Hudson River, and up to the George Washington Bridge, where they will turn and go to their docks. This will be visible from the Promenade from 8:30 a.m. to about 10:00 a.m. A closer vantage point is the Battery Park City Esplanade, in lower Manhattan.

The ships, some of which will dock on Manhattan’s West Side and some on Staten Island (details here), alas, none in Brooklyn, will be open for public tours Thursday through Tuesday, in accordance with the schedules shown on the press release linked above.

NotifyNYC gives us this cautionary note:

During Fleet Week (5/24 to 6/01) expect low flying military aircraft, 21-gun salutes, a parade of ships and other events in the NY Harbor, including the Hudson River, Lower Manhattan and the Downtown Manhattan Heliport areas.

Other Fleet Week events, some of which are in Brooklyn, are listed here.

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  • Jeffrey j Smith

    The last fleet week we had about a dozen low overflights of
    helocopters with “surpressed” markings.

    In other words Black Helicopters.

    When You called the police or boro hall they calmly stated things like “well, its fleet week…” What? Some of the Helicopters were hovering at WINDOW level of some of the apartments of 100 Henry…..stationary for like 40 minutes or more.

    No markings or very very difficult to read identification….
    Welcome to what a police state feels like….

    So why was it necessary for the military or..whoever…. to deploy patrol such as this without any pulblic notice. The number of people really frkightened by this little exercise was leginon. Just ask anyone who was inside the 84th Precinct during the days when this little exercise was going on.

    Fleet Week, a lot of people would like to take a pass. Too bad
    because this is a great, very patriotic display everyone should
    see. If they just dont turn public opinion with obnoxious behav-
    ior like unmarked units outside people’s homes.

  • Government?

    Shouldn’t the fleet be out invading another country? Let’s see, we did Afghanistan, Iraq…..ah, how about Iran, in between the other two?