Open Thread Wednesday 5/25/11

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  • gc

    Anybody know what’s up with these helicopters overhead since 5AM? Sounds like a war zone!

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    We went tothe Brooklyn Bridge “Community Advisory Council” Meeting last night…I listened to the various suggestions some
    very reasonable some, really OTW. The ideas they had on noise abaitment were really 1960’s/70’s mid level technology.

    There are entire MUCH Highter level audio technology basied
    very greatly advanced understanding of response to sound environment which is available for the asking.

    Then, there was the larger questions of the general funding en-
    viornment as of this moment.

    So I asked a very basic question…did anyone on the panel know who Virgil Exner was?

    Then I asked did anyone know who Syd Mead is?

    This is the problem with all of the present era of public works
    and planners of public works projects..

    For there to be public support for funding for a project. The
    projects MUST show a design which is dynamic, foward looking,
    up lifting and simply provides a great improvement, really a new level, to the area’s total experience.

    You can’t do that with designs from the uppie era. The age of
    glum, uglyness and binality

    No wonder there is little public enthusiasiam or willingnes to urge policymakers for greater funding…

    Look at what you are offering the public.

    I asked the council members to go home and simply put the names of Virgil Exner and Syd Mead into You Tube and see
    what they are doing wrong.

    Do I think anyone will make this small effort at changing what
    is very seriously wrong?

    Jeff’s law #2 Human societies seldom reform except in the pre-
    sence of a major disaster.

  • Montagueresident

    Is there anything that can be done about the cars in the “No Parking” side of Pierrepont. Yeah I know they are “Handicapped parking.” There are THAT many handicapped people (who drive?) in those two blocks? I doubt it. On Wednesday mornings at 6:30 you can’t get down those two blocks as the garbage trucks are there. The “handicapped’ cars block access to pass the trucks. At least the “Handicapped” parking could be confined to one half of the block so one does not have to wait 20 minutes to get down the street.

    And another thing, why can’t the city stripe parking spaces on Montague so that all available space could be used for parking? They could leave a space at the end for the growing number of motorcycles and scooters that take up much needed parking space. OR just get behind resident parking stickers. Something creative needs to be done.

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    Its better to have a parking space in mid block for motorcycles
    due to their vunerability to damage from turning cars at block’s ends. And of course, American made bikes, especially choppers
    should Always be given first priotity……The larger the engine CID
    the higher priority….

  • travy

    here’s ‘something creative': get rid of your car

  • Montagueresident

    travy–I will if you’ll drive me to work!

  • ABC

    once in a while — like today — I see a bunch of people waiting in line or filing into the supreme court building. they look as if they’re dressed for a graduation. or maybe a sentencing?! anyone know what that’s all about?

    the mood is more graduation than sentencing..

  • AmyinBH

    How long will the plastic tarp hang in the tree branches over Remsen Street near the intersection of Clinton?

  • Dave

    Does anyone have a 2BR to rent in their building? I need an upgrade from my 1BR and don’t want to leave the hood, but i also don’t want to pay a brokers fee if i don’t need to. thanks!

  • Tired

    I’m pretty sure 4:45 AM is a little too early to be installing the new newsstand on Henry and Montague. 311 is useless though.

  • Big Dave

    @Montagueresident, what do you mean re Montague Street? I thought all parking areas on that street were clearly marked? Obviously the end must remain no parking for emergency equipment turning.

  • T.K. Small

    @Montagueresident: I have been reading your complaining posts concerning Handicapped parking on Pierrepont Street for months now. Has it ever occurred to you to re- route yourself, or perhaps leave 5 min. earlier to avoid trash pickup? People with disabilities need to be creative problem solvers in order to function. You might take a lesson from that.

  • resident


    Do you mean the courthouse on Pierrepont and Monroe Place? If so, it’s probably the ceremony for admission to the Bar.


    I saw on the news plenty of shots of fleet week from helicopters. Maybe they started early?

  • Montagueresident

    T.K. Small,

    I was informed that ALL the “handicapped” car permits were not legitimate and many people who park there are police officers and not residents. I greatly appreciate the need for handicapped parking for those who really are handicapped, however, cars are parked the length of the block for two blocks. You don’t see that on other streets. And yes, I do re-route when I can but that is not always a possibility. Leaving early does not help nor should I have to get up earlier than necessary just so non-handicapped people can park illegally.

    As for parking, if the city striped the car-lengths in non-metered parking maybe more people could be able to park in areas like Montague. Instead some people take up more space than required maybe becasue they can’t parallel park well!

  • Izzy

    Dave–I know of a two bedroom that’s going to be available next week. You can email me for details if you’re interested–

  • Peter

    What’s the over/under on how much longer Seasons restaurant will be around? Place is dead every night. Ate there once, it was ok, definitely has potential. Would consider giving it another try, but the ambiance is very lame right now, not exactly too excited to sit in an empty restaurant. I hope they have improved their service since my last visit!

  • helicopter noise

    Anyone know what’s up with the helicoptors hovering over the north heights? for the past hour the noise has been nonstop!

  • AEB

    Peter, I’ve gazed deeply (or was that superficially?) into my crystal ball, and the word is, eight more months, tops.

    A cursed enterprise, in my opinion. Not what the nabe requires, however well meaning.

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    @ABC-boy are you new in the area…when yousee that at the court that’s the investiture of new lawyers.

    ts known ’round here is (and you know the ethnic accent this
    is in) “My son the shyster” day.

    What a great moment for society…more lawyers.

  • WillowtownCop

    Montague Resident: who were you “informed by?” I never have seen a cop use a handicapped sticker to park. In fact, they would get in pretty serious trouble for it.

    As far as your whining about motor cycles goes, learn to share with other people. A motorcycle uses less than half the gas of a car and takes up less than a quarter of the space.

    I am sick to death of coming back to find some idiot parked with their bumper right on my bike so they can’t possibly get out of the space without knocking it over. I leave a little gap there for a reason. I’ve had my bike moved out of a spot before by some great snorting road hog with an SUV. You might see my bike and think i’m taking up a spot, but I don’t see a car and think, you’re taking up 10 motorcycle spots. The spots on Montague St are huge- more than enough room for a car and a bike.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    @Peter and AEB

    I’m surprised that you should think so little of Seasons. I went there last week for the first time since it opened and I thought it was delightful: good food, good wine, good service, and good prices.

    Peter, your only objection to the place seems to be that it was empty. It’s a new restaurant and perhaps the management is relying only on word of mouth. The evening I was there, while not bursting at the seams, the restaurant was doing good business and on another occasion when I wanted to eat there, I gave it a miss because every table was occupied.

  • need help

    @Willowtown Cop (and others with experience and knowledge)–Any suggestions on how to get the precinct interested in a major pot smoker in our bldg? I understand the precinct is not interested. The smell outside the bldg, and in the hallway, is very strong and frequent, which strongly suggests more than the decriminalized amounts. Conversation and offered air filters, and other ideas, were NOT met with a mellow and relaxed response.

  • Peter

    @Topham, I did eat there once (I posted about it some time ago), the food was ok (some hits and misses) but the service was terrible. If they iron out the kinks, it could indeed be a quality establishment, but it appears that things aren’t going too well. I wish them well, I do, just not sure Seasons will be around for long.

  • ABC

    I don’t understand why people are getting on Montague Resident. Pierrepont St’s parking situation is a mess. There are two
    legit handicapped plates, I think. One is TK’s. Then there are a couple of non-legit (a local super, etc). Then the two “doctors on call”. Who are not on call. Then a couple of Internet fake placards. The street is sometimes nearly lined with illegal cars. Hey, even The NEw Yorker covered this. I agree. It’s a problem.

  • Michael

    ABC –

    Per the courthouse graduation, I know that some of the court houses there are used for people receiving their citizenship certification / ceremony. Perhaps that is what you see on occasion.

  • Izzy – 2 BR Available

    Anyone else possibly interested in a North Heights 2 BR apt available soon? I’m trying to help my landlord fill the spot as quickly as possible. Email me at (Nice to email with you, Dave–sorry the apt wasn’t a good match for you.)

  • Hicks St Guy

    Seasons is a solid addition to the restaurant row on Henry,
    don’t understand the comment: what the neighborhood
    needs. give the place some time, warm weather, summer,
    hopefully will get the place busy. p.s. I had terrific service
    when I ate there.

  • Y

    @ABC: If it is the Brooklyn Federal Supreme Court @ Cadman you are referring to these are people of NYC who are having their citizenship ceremony there. Who else would dress up for an occassion like that? For many immigrants this a day to be proud of and you get your best suit or dress out.

  • zed leppelin

    does anyone know if the sixpoint cans will be available in the heights? peas and pickles perhaps??

    drinking a few beers would do a lot of good for some of these posters…

  • Matthew Parker

    Anyone know a good shop within biking/walking distance to get my bicycle tuned up?