Open Thread Wednesday 5/25/11

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  • Michelle Thaler

    @ABC – People who pass the bar are and belong in the second department are sworn in in the court house on Monroe Pl


    Anyone have a recommendation for a good tailor in the area who is somewhat affordable? I just decided to give up on mine, just wasn’t satisfied anymore with the amateur work being done now that his business has picked up.

  • C.

    Technically not BK heights but, does anyone know why the stretch of retail from Hicks down to the hospital on Atlantic on the Cobble Hill side never has any tenants? The strip on the BK heights side has plenty of bars and restaurants, but on the other side, even though the stretch looks renovated and brand new, it’s been bare for years. Anyone know why??

  • Y

    Sixpoint is available in cans/bottles???? Where???

  • epc

    @C. much of what looks like retail space is occupied by LICH offices (the storefronts closer to Henry are certainly LICH or LICH-related occupied).

  • bhmom

    @Dave, What is your price range?

  • Dave

    @bhmom – Trying to keep it below 3500

  • Government?

    @need help:

    The days of cops, with guns drawn, kicking down doors & everyone inside getting 5-10 years in prison for smoking joints are gone, and that’s a good thing!

  • bhmom

    We might be subletting our 2 br place (great BH location and building) very soon for two or three years. if you want to email me at I can send you details when it’s ready.

  • C.


    Yes. I was wrong I meant Henry down to the hospital. Thank you.

  • Teddy


    The problem is the tenant doesn’t care about what his actions are doing to the other tenants. Hopefully, the landlord will have a backbone and do something about it, beginning with a letter/visit and if necessary, eviction. I don’t know if “need help” called the landlord, but that’s what I would do. I already know the cops won’t come unless “something else” happens.

  • Jorale-man

    @AmyinBH – funny I’ve noticed that tarp hanging over Remsen & Clinton for weeks now. You’d think the owners of the adjacent buildings would act on it but that general intersection seems badly neglected by the local building owners. I’ve said it before here but I’m always amazed by how filthy Remsen between Court & Clinton is.

  • Dave

    @bhmom I’m sad to report I got a bounce back. Did I mistype the email address or is it something else?

  • bhmom

    @Dave, Try again with the same address. It should work. Thanks!

  • Michael

    @Matthew Parker

    I would recommend the bicycle shop in Dumbo on Pearl Street. It is called Recycle a Bicycle.

    I have had two bikes tuned up there this spring. The service was good and the pricing reasonable compared to other bike shops.

  • Michael


    I would recommend Lungs Dry Cleaning on Henry Street (next to Siggys) between Pineapple and Orange Streets. We have taken a number of items there for alterations and repairs and have been pleased.

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    @NEED HELP Dont listen to some of less informed comments you
    see here- possesion and use of marijuana is a FELONY.There
    is a well established legal procedure for removing drug users
    from buildings.

    There is what is called THE NUISANCE LAW. this is used where
    a building becomes a center of drug use or prostitution or any
    disorderly condition. I understand your situation may not rise
    to that level. But the Nuisance law STILL applies. Your landlord
    can lose the title to his property via this law.

    What you should do is approach via registered letter your land
    lord make it clear that this condition is “Depriving you of quiet
    enjoyment of your apartment” THEN I would add that the con-
    dition certainly may qualify under the nuisance law. You can
    ad that infusion of fumes from drug activity certainly can have
    serious health hazards for yourself and your familiy about which
    you are very concerned.

    I also suggest that you dont listen to various libertarian types
    who are dismissive of your concerns and feel that use of
    drugs should be decriminalized-thus you should just live with
    the condition. You have a very valid complaint for which there
    is a well worked out legal structure for you to resolve the pro-
    blem Your landlord is the first authority who should be stopping
    ANY drug use in his building. Its HIS legal responsibility. Other
    wise he is legally running a “bawdy house” and is creating a
    nuisance in the area. For which HE is legally responsible.
    If you can cause the arrest of the drug user so much the better.
    Does he have visitors? Do they engage in drug use on the
    Premisis? Find out if youcan and approach the police and the
    DA’s office. Sure, you may get the great NYC foot dragging
    but be persistant and look up and know the public Nuisance
    law as it applies to buildngs. Drug use pollutes a building, a
    neighborhood and this nation.
    can have serious health effects.

    caused a There should be. There is a whole history in
    the Heights of regular users of “pot” causing fires and numer-
    ious serious disorders. Or simply letting the very wrong people
    into a building. Like all substance users, pot heads are strongly
    focused on…themselves and absoultely don’t care what the
    consequences for other thier drug use may cause.

  • WillowtownCop

    @ need help- it’s not a crime to smoke not in public view- it’s just a ticket. you can’t even write the ticket unless you recover and test what was being smoked, which would involve a warrant if it were inside an apartment.

    there really isn’t anything the police can do- i would take it up with the landlord.

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    Nonesense..there a LOT police can do. If police small pot in a car they stop that is probible cause to search the car and its occu-
    pents. No matter how much on line pundents try to discourage you or minimize a situation you CAN get police to act and I would ALSO call the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency. And report that
    you feel a constant drug condition exists at the location. I would
    also get our congresswoman to write to the DEA on the situation.
    When the DEA gets a letter from a congressman or woman it does
    greatly change the game in your favor. Finally, when you have the paperwork of all of your complaints, I would approach the press.

    But make SURE to cast the conflict as one of decent average person Vs a drug presence in a building. Do NOT cast your complaint as landlord vs. Tennant. Which the press does everything not to get embroiled in.

    If you have any problems with any of the above e mail me

    And, again, dont listen to the people saying you cant do anything.
    Listen, in the mid to late 1970’s we had a wild drug scene at the 2nd Appelate court Monroe and Pierrepont. We drove them out
    very effectivly. It took surveillance, hundreds of calls to the police,
    Endless conferences with law enforcement and elected officials.
    It took innovation. And it took courage. But the pressure worked and we drove them out….

    Dont let the naysayers and people who are basically products of the late 60’s/early 70’s social/political formation (with all that era’s disasterious effects) tell you “You cant do anything” what all these detestable types are really saying is “they dont want you to do anything…because we dont have any real objection to drug use.

    You go gettem girl…and contact me if you need any help whatsoever….

  • Government?

    @ Teddy,

    What, pray tell, “are his actions doing to the other tenants”?

    Yeah, let’s give even more power to landlords to evict people. Great idea.

  • bubblyb

    Let the pot smokers smoke !!!

  • NY2Brooklyn

    @Matthew Parker
    I agree with Michael. I had a very good experience with Recycle a Bicycle as well. Very nice and knowledgeable. I went to the Atlantic Ave bike shop once and it was horrible. Nasty attitude and tire repair lasted a week.

  • David on Middagh

    @needhelp: I don’t know if this is any consolation, but some landlords are banning smoking, at least among new residents.

    Get together with others in the building who feel as you do. Together, ask the landlord to install extra fan-vents in the hallways. It will be cheaper for the landlord to lay down the law with the addict. I believe the other tenants are entitled to smoke-free common areas.

  • Matthew Parker

    @NY2Brooklyn, @Michael:

    Thanks for the tip. I popped in their last year and we kind of stunned by the price for a bike tune up. Possibly because the last time I had one done professionally was sometime in the 80s and the prices sure have changed!

  • Matthew Parker

    their s/b there. Just in case my 7th grade grammar teacher is reading. ;-)

  • AmyinBH

    @Jorale-man, My real concern is that tarp falling and causing an accident. All it will take is a strong thunderstorm to bring the tarp down and onto a car or in front of a car. (The first time I noticed the tarp was after the April storm.) Past experience with calling 311 deters me from even trying to find out if the city would remove the tarp.
    It is also nice to know I am not the only person who occassionally looks up.

  • Government?

    @ David on Middagh,

    Good job in raising the hysteria. Why not insist the landlord install industrial blowers throughout the building?

    Moreover, since marijuana is not additive, why do you refer to the smoker as an “addict” who needs the law laid on him?

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Today was a very sad day for me. I can’t remember ever crying about the death of a famous television personality but today I shed a few tears on the passing of Mark Haines. I really loved this guy and will miss him terribly. My mornings will never be the same.

  • harumph

    @Government, must say that living in a shared brownstone (or some apt buildings) is living in shared air space. Not fair to have to deal with someone else’s pastimes in my own space. I’m all for the smokeless ban in buildings and our co-op one of them.

  • David on Middagh

    @Gov’t: You are misreading me.