Two Souls Get Raptured in Brooklyn Heights

BHB tipster “Sara” sent us this photo of what appears to be “evidence” of two souls who were “called home” during today’s Rapture. As for the rest of us, we’re still here.

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  • Owen

    HA! That photo made my day.

  • Salma T. Vahdat

    Loved that photo. Don’t forget the Open House and Tour, Landmarks Conservancy Program “Sacred Sites” @ Our Lady of Lebanon Cathedral , Henry & Remsen Sts. 1 to 4 p.m. today!

  • Bette

    Um, since those people probably got their own hemp sandals up in Heaven, can I have those cute flip flops?

  • Ifsandsor

    Love it!!!!

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    Well for years I’ve noticed a whole group of “people” on the Promenade walking by levatation about two or three inches
    off the ground somehow…

    So I guess they simply increased their altitude…hope they didnt
    hit and damage any helicopters on the way up….no, lets hope they did….

  • Andrew Porter

    That was directly in front of the Witness HQ, btw.