Paul Giamatti and Gary Shteyngart do Brooklyn Heights

“Brooklyn Heights! You know what that means? Cougars.” That’s Paul Giamatti’s advice to author-buddy Gary Shteyngart when Gary gets invited to speak at a book club meeting. Gary makes the most of it at the start, complimenting the hostess on her “beautiful brownhouse,” but then things get dicey. It’s a trailer for the newly released paperback edition of Shteyngart’s novel Super Sad True Love Story. (Yes, books have video trailers these days.) See it here (you’ll have to endure an ad at the start).

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  • lori

    I saw them on Pierrepont Street getting ready to film this spot. I was surprised there was only one trailer, so I knew it wasn’t a film shoot. What stood out to me was how dressed up Paul was – even down to his shiny patent leather shoes. This trailer certainly won’t make me buy the book.

  • Princess

    I met Mr. Giamatti on Hicks street one night while walking to a BHA meeting. Seems like a sincere, sweet person. Told him about our new theater company in the neighborhood, and he took a card. Here’s hoping he comes to see our R & J this summer. (details soon at I really respect his talent.

  • Claude Scales

    On about the sixth viewing, I finally caught the last line: “Why is there laundry on the bridge?”