Sahadi’s Seeks Community Support for Expansion

This in from Sahadi’s:

We need your support. Sahadi’s is applying for a permit to expand our store. Our application is going before the board in a few weeks, and we would like to show the support of all of our friends and customers. If anyone has a minute and would like to send a letter of support, we would really appreciate it. Letters can be sent by email to or by mail to Sahadi’s 187 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn NY 11201 attn: Christine Whelan. If you would prefer you can stop in and tell Charlie personally. We love being a part of downtown Brooklyn and want to grow within this vibrant community.

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  • Jeffrey j Smith

    This should be supported by the community. Sahadi has LONG been one of the real good guys in the area. He has a strong following now but he has ALWAYS kept his very fair pricing.
    A very rare thing these this day.

  • JAFO

    1000000000000000000% SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JAFO

    As much as I like Trader Joe’s, I love Sahadi’s beyond limits because of their commitment to the community. Amazing staff and products that rival TJ’s any day.

  • RP

    Support him and the terrorists he is hiring…I am sure they will “support” the community very well!

  • mlo

    @RP: the Sahadi family has been part of this community for decades. Charlie Sahadi grew up and went to school here. The Sahadi family along with other immigrant families have a long history in the community. That kind of statement shouldn’t be thrown around without foundation.
    Do you have specific knowledge to make you believe there is terrorist involvment here? If you have real evidence about any individuals he employs you should report it appropriately. Otherwise hold the slander and intolerance

  • GHB

    RP, you’re an a-hole. You must be one of those bigots that just hates everyone who’s not you. Not everyone from the Middle East is a terrorist. Now go crawl back under your rock

  • RP

    You tell this to the 9/11 victims and the terrorism victims all over the world. Do you see many Caucasian people working in his shop? Well, at the very least every shop like this on Atlantic should be treated with suspicion. If Sahadi himself is not involved with terrorism (and this is a big question) I am almost certain that some of his employees are. The question is – how many cents of each dollar an average patron spends there goes to blow up a building in NYC?

  • Monty

    Homer, I don’t generally support censorship, but RP is a troll. I’m guessing he isn’t even serious, he is just trying to bait others into making racist comments. Please, just delete his comments.

  • Monty

    And to the rest of the commenters, in the old days of the internet, we had a saying “don’t feed the trolls”. Guys like RP just want attention. If you reply angrily, it makes them happy. Just ignore them.

  • Hicks on hicks

    We love Sahadi. And I’m sure he loves us back.

  • brooklynthoughts

    I know plenty of big businesses that do not support Sahadi’s. They are not community friendly. There are BID’s in the area that have asked for support and Sahadi never provided any support for them, even with gift certificates. So now he is asking for support from the community, well, what goes around comes around. And I for one, will not support Sahadi. From Atlantic Avenue to Schemerhorn, to Court Street to Flatbush Avenue, Sahadi does not provide for the entire community. too bad.

  • T.K. Small

    I just sent an e-mail supporting Sahadi’s application for expansion.

  • Barry

    What Board are they before? Is this for Landmarks approval of the facade and sign?

  • Rob

    I thought the community is already supporting them by buying their stuff what else do they want?

    If they expand their prices will go up to pay for the renovation, higher rent, new employees, etc. Guess who is going to pay for all this – YOU … American well intentioned gullibility!

  • GHB

    Don’t feed the troll

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    A lot of you know my views on the middle east_I have LONG involvement with the various elements in the middle estern community here. Including those depicted as “terrorists”
    To depict the Sahadi’s of all people as being somehow
    knowingly involved in anything negative or distructive
    is an amazing assertion. Let’s see some real evidence
    as to why this community shouldn’t support more floor
    space for the service he provides to his many customers

  • Andrew Porter

    I’ve just e-mailed my support to the e-dress provided. I’ve lived in BH since 1968 and with the addition of Trader Joe’s and the presence of The Cook’s Companion and Two For The Pot, this area is a destination for foodies from across the city and region.

  • David on Middagh

    I want to know what Barry wants to know. I don’t understand why community support is needed to knock down a couple of interior walls.

  • Robyn

    I have a feeling that Jeffrey j Smith, JAFO,mlo, GHB and others are just different pseudonyms of … Charlie Sahadi.

  • Dave

    I’ll bite. I don’t know anything about any of the alleged ‘terrorists’ employed by Sahadi, but two vineyard managers at one of the vineyards for Trader Joe’s Charles Shaw wines (Two Buck Chuck) were CONVICTED of manslaughter this past March after a pregnant 17-year old worker died of heatstroke. The vineyard was also awarded a record-breaking labor fine in the state of California for purposefully violating numerous Labor Code and Title 8 provisions and for having “engaged in unfair business practices” in order to keep costs low.

    Personally, I’d much rather have an alleged anything in my neighborhood than a convicted slave owner. As I always remind people, TJs is on the Cobble Hill side of the street.

  • RP

    Dave, your example sounds more like a “six degree of separation” principle. In this case you yourself may know or be associated with a convict or a murderer. Here we are talking about Sahadi’s employees. And by the way, why do you always have to bring TJ into the equation when talking about Sahadi’s?? Go ahead and subsidize their expansion and other activities…

  • eg

    This may be the third time that I have notified all complaints about terrorists, that the Sahadis are of Christian Lebanese background, and are not Arabs. Americans tend to be undereducated in history and geography and so make rash judgements about the world about them.

    RP – read up before you talk!

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    @dave-thats VERY interesting about Trader Joe’s
    I always got the impression that TJ’s is the same
    basic business model as Whole Foods-or perhaps
    whole paycheck…a feature of the yuppie (UGH) era

  • AS

    The Sahadi’s are a wonderful hard working decent family and they don’t deserve to be treated any less because of whom they are.
    For those of you who judge others and make insulting remarks-take a good look at yourself “YOUR UGLY AS SIN”. RP should be treated with suspicion and investigated.

  • Dave

    @Jeffrey–To my knowledge Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods have very different business models. Whole Foods is a publicly traded company led by a vocally conservative/libertarian management team. No unions, not big fans of Obama etc. Trader Joe’s is a private company owned by the Albrecht family (the German grocery family that owns ALDI–one of the largest grocery retailers in the world). They are hyper-secretive and tight-lipped (and seemingly apolitical). Mostly because their products are predominantly made by big companies like Frito Lay, Pepsi, Dannon etc. The only similarity is that both have been in hot water for mislabeling products–organic, preservative free, etc. With Trader Joe’s the source for their products is often difficult to even know until a lawsuit, recall, or a criminal investigation brings the source to the light of day. The relationship between Bronco Wine and Trader Joe’s is somewhat different, and has been known for some time. However, even after a lengthy investigation of the horrific and unethical practices employed to produce their private label wines, TJs has changed nothing. I don’t care when California grocers cheat and get kick-backs from wineries and producers in California for sales in NY or other states (which is illegal, but almost everybody does it–some get caught, some don’t, all’s fair in business). However I do care when their cheating costs lives. That’s my threshold. But everyone has their own moral compass.

  • skunky

    Impressive ignorance by the trolls above. Sahadi is a Christian Lebanese family. Even if they were Muslim, what the hell is your point? All Muslims are terrorists? Oh right that is your point.

    Bigot, idiot. You’re worse than any terrorist.

  • GHB

    If the Sahadis are terrorists, then I guess Marlo Thomas, Jamie Farr, Salma Hayek and Casey Kasem are too.

  • GHB

    Not to mention Paul Anka…

  • JM

    Just emailed my support…and I’m looking into that whole Paul Anka thing……..

  • Claude Scales

    Anyone who could inflict “Having My Baby” on the world is a terrorist in my book. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he was trained in a secret desert camp by Bobby Goldsboro.