Open Thread Wednesday 5/4/11

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  • Monty

    That Onion video identified Montague St as Jersey City. I am insulted.

  • spm

    To @GivingTree – I recently ate at Seasons and was extremely underwhelmed. The food was mediocre, the service was annoyingly obsequious and management was clueless, decor was ?? – and even though priced well, I have a feeling that this location is cursed. I give it six months.

  • Lily

    I keep noticing this guy by the bus stop on the corner of Hicks and Atlantic. He’s always wearing baggy gray sweat pants and a gray sweatshirt, regardless of the the weather. It seems like there was a thread about him on this site a few months ago. Have there been any updates? Has anyone had any problems with him? I live nearby and have been getting a little uneasy. Is it worth reporting?

  • yesitsthetruth

    lily- I felt very un easy about him, along with a few others… one woman even changed her route home bc of him ! of course there were some posters ( probably old men) who felt that we were being too critical. I do think it is worth reporting. at least to put him on someones raidor. You are one of the many to state that they feel un easy by this person.

  • GHB

    yesitsthetrurh, WTF is “raidor”?

  • Jorale-man

    Brownstoner reports that the Atlantic Book Shop is closing:

    Too bad. Whatever you thought of the store’s inventory or sales staff, it’s sad to note that it’s the second bookstore in the last couple years to close in the Heights. I wonder if rents are going up on Atlantic now that Barney’s is there. Just speculating…

  • nabeguy

    Good speculationJ-man. When a anchor store of that cache moves onto a block, the landlords start foaming at the mouth.

  • Regina

    Lily & yesitsthetruth, bunch of scared white chicks.

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    I try to NEVER reasct directly to a post…but I’ll make an exception
    in this case…”a bunch of scared white chicks?

    First of all, the Heights is at the end of a forty year long history of
    violent crime from surrounding “communities”

    The “homeless” population has been responsible for HUNDREDS of serious violent felonies. It took YEARS of honest effort to get
    the situation to what it is now. And one of the absoulte keys to
    the safety we now enjoy is community reactivity. Just what Lily and
    yes its the truth are doing here. Good for them!

    Oh, one more thing…one of the MAJOR factors in restoring order
    in the Heights was the serious threat that a gun club would be formed. Two of the five people who originally threatened to do this were women.

  • David on Middagh

    GHB, I’m pretty sure yesitsthetruth meant “radar”. That’s like gaydar, but for airplanes.

    (BTW, it’s some kind of law of Internet commenting that if you pounce on someone’s grammatical or spelling error, you’ll make one yourself. Be craeful out there!)

  • yesitsthetruth

    GHB- I made an error… it happens. and regina, I am not white. Why do people on this blog always have the need to be so high and mighty? Is it such a crime that I was agreeing with a poster that YES there is a guy walking around looking rather creepy? Does it bother you that much? When I lived on the lower east side there was someone just like that guy, I was walking alone back from the corner deli on a tuesday night and the man popped out of no where and told me he’d been watching me, he then proceeded to take his pants down and started to touch himself, I ran as fast I could away from him and by luck saw a cop car , I told them what was happening and they found him and arrested him. I am not saying that this creepy guy is going to do what that guy did but anything is possible.. it is not a crime to feel uncomfortable. It’s not about being ” a scared white chick”, It is simply women being assertive about there surroundings. Have some respect.

  • GHB

    yesitsthetruth, I’m wary of that guy too (if it’s the same guy) He’s young, always in a dark hoodie, which covers his face. He wanders around Cobble Hill, esp. around LICH. Didn’t mean to offend with the correction…

  • yesitsthetruth

    Yep that’s the guy. and it’s ok ( about the correction).

  • I

    Hey.. does anyone remember the korean, deli whatever you want to call it that used to be where starbucks is ? and the mexican place where subway is now? WHAT WERE THE NAMES OF THESE PLACES?! it has been driving me crrazzyy. Also does anyone have any pictures of old montague street? I’d love to see :)

  • weegee

    The Mexican restaurant was “Old Mexico.” No remembrance of what the deli was called.

  • I

    old mexico ! ah, I can still remember the smell of that place ! it’s really somthing to think about the way the street has changed ! I remember when there was a burger king where banana republic was !

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    When WUSA was on the air-they had a “comercial” for Blimpie’s
    on Mont St. Ha! “Blimpies on Montague Streeet is a modern Heights landmark for great food at a great price, In the mood for a smack or more? then follow the happy crowd to blimpies” HA!

    Hey, remember Nick in Blimpies? Great Days…

  • yesitsthetruth

    BLIMPIES ! yesss, where montys is now !!

  • nabeguy

    But does anyone remember Michael’s Sandwich Shop below what is now Lichee Nut Restaurant? The best meatball sandwiches this side of heaven.

  • hoppy

    Free ice cream cone at Haagen-Dazs today 4:00pm-8:00PM :)

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    Does anyone remember er, I think the spelling was Mener’s it
    on Montigue with a French spell housewares/house art objects very very nice folks.

  • Heightsguy

    The Mexican place was there since the 1950’s – Old Mexico – truthfully, it was not that spectacular. Now does anyboy remember Jomel stationers which is where the Thai place is. It was originally Silvers, then Jomel (after joe and mel), then it moved across the street and became Hauters, now I think it is the liquor store.

    Why are the comments closed on the St. Anns students burning down the playground? Circling the wagons?